Why to Make Career in Social Media Marketing?

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If you believe you’re a social junk, who love to spend time on different social networking sites, putting forward your thoughts and ideas with the world, then you can convert this passion of yours in making a rewarding as well as fun bound career in Social Media Marketing.In the recent scenario, majority of people seem to acquire information about ongoing activities in the world through Twitter, Facebook & other social media channels instead of traditional news sources. And this being the primarily reason of expanding career opportunities in Social Media Marketing field. According to the Indian Marketing Association’s prediction, in the next 5 years, companies will be switching around 30% of their advertisement spending plans to social media marketing channels. With this growing demand of social media marketing for advertisement, the need of skilled social media experts is increasing by the day.

Before discussing the career opportunities in Social Media Marketing, Let’s take a look at the concept of social media marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a marketing technique which allows the companies and organizations to strategically gain customers engagement and traffic to their website through creating and linking to engaging content. Social media marketers carry out various marketing campaigns aiming to engage and attract their targeted audience to foster their brand awareness.

Career Opportunities in Social Media Marketing

There are diverse career opportunities in the field of Social media marketing for professionals depending upon their choice of interest in the field. We have listed some job positions below to make career in social media marketing in India

· Social media manager
· Social media developer
· Content writer/editor
· Social media marketer
· SEO consultant
· Graphic/online designer
· Social media strategist
· Public relations specialists
· Online video producer
· Data Analytics

Career in Social Media Marketing

With the high-end growth in rate of Internet user worldwide, Social media marketing is and definitely will be one of the most powerful marketing technique for brand awareness.

Most of the companies & organizations around the globe are dropping traditional marketing methods and investing in social media marketing experts to endorse their brand, connect with their target audiences, sell & collect market insights online.

Due to this recent influx in the digital marketing arena, the demand for skilled social media marketing professionals is increasing rapidly. Stop wasting your time, money and resources and start investing in a rewarding career by uplifting your skills & landing your passion into your profession by enrolling in certification course in social media marketing now!

Need more reason why you should build your career in Social media marketing? Here are top 4 reasons why a certification courses in Social media marketing help you in becoming a social media expert:

  • Perfect blend of your Passion & Work

Well, no one had ever imagined that they could get a handsome earning with their passion of spending time over social media sites. But the advancement in digital world and increase in the trend of social media is breaking the boundary line & hence opening new career opportunities in the field of digital marketing. The rise of web-based social networking platform has brought together multiple career opportunities for online advertisers. This marketing platform give unparalleled potential in achieving new clients, strengthening relations with the existing clients & help in online branding of any product/service. Companies are seeking experts who can explore the social field & equally advertise their products & services in a result oriented way.

  • Diverse range of Career Opportunities

There are multiple career opportunities in the field of Social Media Marketing ranging from social media strategists, content organizers & community managers. The field is highly powerful in influencing the opinions of different people. Thus, most of the companies are employing social media specialists to frame their online reputation. Also, being a social media marketing professional you will get to learn and experience tremendous new things every day with your work.

  • Attractive Salary Packages Even for Fresher

Even though Social Media career is relatively a new event, but its popularity & implementation is expanding at skyrocketing rates. According to the report of Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs opportunities for social media professionals is expected to increase by 24%. In 2017, the estimated salary for fresher in social media marketing industry is around1.5-2.5 LPA. By doing a certification course in Social Media Marketing, you can be easily hired by companies at salary package around 4.5- 6 Lakhs per Annum.

  • Boost your own Personal Brand

After completing a certification course in Social Media Marketing, you will be well versed and skilled at managing your own online presence and brand. You will acquire with all the marketing techniques of developing blogs, informational posts & images, videos, visually stunning content which will help you to effectively promote & develop your own online presence. It will help in boosting your entrepreneur skills to start you’re your business.

Tips to become a Successful Social Media Marketer

If you think you best fit in the field of social media marketing, then here we bring to you some tips to help you get hired & make a successful career in social media.
· Make your career choice
The field of social media is constantly evolving & changing with the changing nature of technology. If you are looking for a steady job with no surprises, then the career in social media marketing may not be the best choice for you.
· Stay Active on Social Media Channels
To become a successful social media marketer, you need to stay active on various social media platforms. And engage and interact with your followers, companions & supporters regularly. And need to post the content which is relevant to your followers.
· Update yourself
To become a successful social media marketer, you have to constantly keep on adopting new skills and knowledge with the latest trends going in this industry. It will give you good insights in your role.
· Build Your Network
There is no better way to strengthening your existing relationships & extending your network, other than connecting online. Make sure when someone views your profile, you’re connected to industry experts and to other known. It will not only add value to your growing skill set but being connected is also a positive advantage in social media world which keep you help noticed.


Social Media Marketing is definitely being a good career choice in India if you’re passionate about social networks, blogging, marketing tactics, and adapting to the latest social media trends.

As multiple companies are utilizing there online marketing budget in social media marketing which led to increase in the demand of more skilled social media professionals.

In the event, if you are acquainted with various social platforms, able to create effective content, think creative ideas & able to interact with your target audience-  then join this race & choose social media as your career path.

Looking for Social Media Training? Take a look at Skillzlearn Digital Marketing Certification course and embrace yourself with a rewarding career in Social Media Marketing.

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