Top SEO Ranking Factors to consider in 2018

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With every coming year, Google gifted us its new ranking factors. As of,

  • In the year 2014, http was the ranking aspect
  • In the year 2015, the concept of mobile usability was the ranking aspect
  • Afterward, the year 2016 alter content development, and in the process, RankBrain came into existence
  • Then, in the year 2017, urge for great http sites was the ranking factor
  • And now in the year 2018, the speed rate of the mobile page seems the next significant ranking aspect for ranking

Along with all these ranking aspects, “awesomeness’ is the fundamental element to rank high on Google.

But, with the presence of 1 billion+ website on the internet today, what it requires to create awesomeness?

Though, these ranking elements are undoubtedly crafted to offer a better and fantastic user experience.

As Google examining websites based on several ranking factors, having a clear understanding of where to best focus on your strategy is the biggest challenge in 2018.

But you know what, the good news is that these ranking factors will keep on modifying to shape up for the user.

It signifies that the latest SEO trends surviving today have their origin in the new algorithm and with adding up a bit of creativity and tech-savvy approach, the process of ranking high in a search engine will be readily achievable in 2018.

This article helps you to get a brief exposure to the top SEO ranking factors which are essential in 2018. Let’s take a look at these factors:

Top SEO Ranking factors of 2018

Below mention few of the top SEO practice you should consider ranking high in search engines in 2018:

  1. Web page based keywords and content measurement– If your web pages are not relevant for user query- and most importantly if it doesn’t conclude the user’s intent individually- you can’t rank. Most of the small and medium-sized businesses are implementing a content management structure to make the process easier. It won’t matter if you publish more, until and unless it’s not optimized accordingly.
  2. Dwell Time and long click measures– If a user visited your site and instantly goes back to Google, signifies that your site doesn’t fulfill the visitor’s intention and need re-evaluation. It means that your site is not compatible to give the user their relevant search result. So, its high time to accurately demonstrate your site from the user’s point of view.
  3. Real Business Information– Providing your company’s tangible and updated information is an important SEO ranking factor. It is beneficial for businesses that are targeting specific local areas. Absence and presence of your company’s information matters in your ranking parameters.

So, it’s crucial to add this specific information to your website:

  • Company’s name, address and contact number
  • Accurate location on Google map
  • Your business listing on Google My Business and company’s social media pages
  • Company Reviews
  1. Mobile optimized websites –Mobile optimization has now become a prerequisite factor to rank high on Google. Additionally, mobile-optimized sites have high chances of getting more buy-in. If your website is not mobile responsive in 2018, then you might on the tail end of laggard’s phase and missing great benefits on your ROI without a mobile-accessible website.
  2. Loading Speed of Web pages– If a user visits your site, but it takes a sufficient amount of time for your site to load, then the user will leave your site and reach out to some of your competitor’s site. It increases the bounce rate of your website as well as negatively affect your brand’s image. A poor UX can cost you with a massive loss of revenue if the users need to wait too long to access your site.
  3. The originality of content across your site– Duplication of material over your place can adversely affect the ranking process of your website. It could have led to cannibalization, so its recommended to make good use of your crawl budget. With some latest CMS systems, you can quickly tackle this issue.
  4. Backlinks– Backlinks, no doubt is considered to be one of the most potent ranking factors in Google’s search algorithm. More the links from multiple domains, higher the chances of ranking for your top keywords. You need to pay attention to your backlink profiles to rank high on search engines.


When executed correctly, a good SEO practice holds the power to take your business to the next level. You will be going to see a significant impact on online marketing strategies in 2018. With recent updates in algorithms, Google is giving more priority to sites with quality content and excellent user experience. Additionally, Google decides the ranking of sites on the parameter of user’s interaction with your site content.

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