Top Digital Marketing Updates of 2018

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Digital Marketing has revolutionized the entire face of marketing. With the skyrocketing growth in internet technologies and influence of Digital Marketing, businesses are tramping to match up with the latest marketing trends. As in today’s world, people are consuming any information happening around the world through digital platforms. Thus, making digital marketing the perfect option for businesses to reach out to their target audiences.
Nowadays, most businesses are adopting digital marketing methodology for their plans of actions or promoting their existing marketing strategies over different digital platforms.

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, frequently keep on updating their platforms, making it a bit difficult for marketers to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the social media space.
This article will help you devise for the changes to come in Digital Marketing industry in 2018 that you must need to know.

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Top Digital Marketing Trend of 2018

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is booming with every passing second. It’s becoming the most equipped digital marketing tool for businesses nowadays.

Content marketing is the practice of developing and sharing valuable, consistent & relevant content over digital platforms. The marketing technique is highly being used to draw the attention of a defined audience with a purpose of converting the potential customers into leads.

The sort of content you market is related to your business, the product, and services you want to sell. It is an approach of creating brand awareness among people, to know, engage and believe you reasonably to carry out business with you.

Here is a fantastic instance of how coke made the best use of personalizing the content in their marketing strategy.

Share A Coke Campaign

The company’s “Share a Coke” 2015 summer campaign was one of the most successful marketing campaigns in the history of Coca-Cola brand. This marketing strategy carried out the company’s iconic logo over 24 bottles for around 250 of the most popular names of people in countries. The consumers had the benefit of having common names or family relation, such as “Bhai,” “family,” printed on coca-cola bottles and were inspired to share those bottles with family and friends.

With this campaign, the company was able to create the massive amount of social media content by precisely focusing on customers who use social media to share photos and stories. The company offers complete creative control and brand takeover to these customers, prompting the user to feel that they were not advertising the company online so much as they were drawing their social media conversions.

2. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the viable in-demand strategies of digital marketing, which aim to target the potential customer on their smart-phones, tablets or other mobile devices, through websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps. From addressing on E-mail till visiting your site, the entire process is accessible on your smartphone.

Mobile marketing has driven up the market at the rapid rate. In today’s tech-savvy world, the smartphone is the perfect alternative to laptop or desktop, to access your email or social media accounts. Mobile marketing is and will be going to be the top sort of digital marketing techniques for marketers to implement for achieving their marketing goal.

Mobile Marketing has a brighter scope in the digital marketing arena. If you are not using any mobile marketing strategy for your business, you might be lagging behind from gaining better sufficient revenues on your business.

Let’s consider the example below that has taken mobile marketing to an entirely next level

Though Hollywood blockbuster frequently prefers multi-channel advertising campaigns, the ‘Justice League’ carry out something extraordinary. They coupled with brands like Mercedes and AT&T, the producers offered some fantastic experiences, behind the scenes and looks of movie cast to drive audience curiosity.

They come up with a free mobile app called Justice League VR. And introduce a Join the League Gillette Edition to carry out the TV and cinema spots linking the movie to the shaving brand. Additionally, they implement technologies like Google Cardboard and similar technologies offering the user a chance to perform their part in their superhero team.

3. Videos

Video content, no doubt is grabbing more user eyes on social media. Either you’re advertising your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat, it seems like the trends of social video engagements is reaching out to be at the top in 2018. Videos benefit you to spread your content faster and reach out in a more convincing message form to improve sales.

People are viewing billion hours of videos every day on YouTube and Facebook. It is recommended to post more videos content per month to drive user’s attention. It doesn’t matter, for what platform you do for, whether a Facebook Live, YouTube videos or website video, start making a habit of producing quality video content for your customers on a regular basis.

Video marketing is the most effective way used by marketers in the digital marketing field. And they admitted the fact that video drive more positive impact on their marketing outcome.

For instance, below is a video marketing campaigns by Dove, take a look over it to find out how it lands their marketing by combining an empowering message with a real description of their target audience.

In their campaign named “Like a Girl,” the brand used the popular insult to catch the attention and then turned the conversation about what it means to run, throw, and fight “like a girl.”

Always #LikeAGirl created much global awareness and changed people thinking about the phrase ‘like a girl,’ the video got more than 85m views on YouTube from 150+ countries.

4. Chatbots

Chatbots are the computer program design in such a way that imitates social chat or dialogues in the form of text or spoken languages using AI (artificial language) techniques. Chatbots are implemented to tackle customer service issue, engagement, and general queries.

Though chatbots have always been available there but were not that obvious, nowadays more brands are using chatbots with the purpose of serving better customer experience. Chatbots are offering better results now than ever before and also engaging more audiences to the website.

Take a look at the campaign by Starbucks and consider yourself if using chatbots is a right move for your company’s next marketing campaign,

Starbuck, introduced their Mobile App and made it simple for the customer to place their order via the app. The customers would able to make their request via voice command or messaging interface. Chatbots are beneficial in maintaining & improving customer base and engagement. Once you place your order, the chatbots will inform you when your order will be ready and the total cost of your order.

The company added that it has 12 million Starbucks Rewards members, increase 18 percent from the last year, plus 8 million mobile paying users, using their Mobile order & Pay technology, that enabled customers to place an order through smartphones and getting it without facing the hassle of standing in the queue. The statistics figure depicts how chatbots had helped Starbucks to grow through mobile ordering.


The trends mentioned above will change the entire structure of social and digital marketing in 2018. To keep your business growth consistent, and maintain your customer reach, you have to implement the updated digital marketing strategies as per the new trends to get better ROI.

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