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facebook blueprint certifications

Getting a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, is the highest achievements for a practitioner to earn. It reflects dedication, commitment, and a specific time taken by the learner to master the skill.

So does a Facebook Blueprint Certification is a marketer’s black belt.

Besides being a personal badge, it is a mark of authorization of the skills and knowledge gained in the domain.

What is Facebook Blueprint Certification?

Facebook blueprint certification also refer as Facebook Ad certification. Basically Facebook provides two certifications, one in Planning and other in Buying, for advertising expertise skill over its platform, called Blueprint certifications. It is a recognized certification offered by Facebook for high-level of proficiency on their ad platform.

You can get the certifications by clearing Facebook’s advertising exam. The exams are conducted to evaluate an individual’s advanced advertising proficiency that Facebook consider necessary for the purpose of advertising on their platform. It includes developing strategy, tracking and reporting, measuring performance and troubleshooting, etc.

Though, the exams are challenging and demand experience on the platform as well as time to spend on studying and preparing. But because of its preciseness, this certification has a lot of integrity and demand in digital marketing industry.

It will definitely add value to your professional profile. This certification helps in advancing your career and multifold your earnings. But, you need to dedicatedly invest your time and money to earn the certification.

Here are some of the features for Facebook Blueprint Certifications you need to know:

Features of Facebook Blueprint Certifications

  • Each of the exam costs $150. As each certification consists of two exams, so the overall cost of Facebook Blueprint Certification is $300
  • You need to pay for retaking and passing the exams every year to keep your certification. Each exam costs $150
  • The time limit for the exam is 75 minutes
  • You can take the exam at a proctored location or either online at home in a secured browser
  • If you’re undertaking the exam at home, put aside 15 minutes before the exam to check in with your proctor and implement a scan of your testing environment with your webcam to ensure testing honesty
  • The exam’s strictness and secure testing practice is helpful to verify the integrity of certifications. It is important to the marketing community, who specifically count on the level of expertise from each certified marketer. It’s equally important for marketers to ensures that their hard-earned certification holds mastery and value.

Why you should earn a Facebook Blueprint Certification?

In today’s internet savvy world, companies are counting on Facebook advertising to gain better marketing results. And to implement that, they need a professional. Either a full time marketer or a freelancer to perform Facebook Marketing. While looking for such folks, they’re going to have a sea of candidates to select from.

At that times, they’ll hire someone who holds a certification in this domain. So, having a Facebook Blueprint Certification would increase your chances of selection for the profile.

The Facebook Blueprint Certification is a best way for marketers to stand out from others in their field.

It let marketers to show case their expertise in advertising across all of Facebook’s commodities- including Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. By passing this exam, you’ll earn a digital badge which you can share as a share as an element of your professional identity.

How to Master your Facebook Blueprint Certification exams?

Digital Marketers looking to earn their certification can simply sign up for or can take their exams directly on Facebook’s Blueprint website.

Each certification consists of two exams: Planning and Buying. Thy share one exam in common, Exam 310-101, which examine proficiency in core principles. Apart from that, each certification requires an additional, subject-specific exam which is more related to either planning or buying.

In order to get the Facebook blueprint certification, you must pass both the exams with scores of 700 or more (The total possible points is 1,000).

In order to avoid retaking the exams, that even add up in costs, it’s mandatory to know the entire requirement of exams and to come prepared for it.

Preparing for the Planning Certification

You can earn this certification to prove your proficiency in planning advertising campaigns on Facebook’s platforms. It requires efficient skills in Facebook’s Pages, advertising objective, Audience Insights and more. It also tests for overall expertise in planning best practices and getting knowledge about how Facebook’s products fit into larger advertising and marketing strategies.

To get the Planning Certification, you need to complete and pass the two required exams:

Exam 310-101: It is the Facebook Advertising Core Competencies exam. To know more about the specific topics that the exam cover, take a look at here.

Exam 222-101: It is the Facebook Planning Exam. To find more information about the specific topics covered on the exam, take a look at here.

Preparing for the Buying Certification

You can earn this certification to prove your proficiency in buying and creating Facebook ads for campaigns with high impact. This certification needs skills such as managing, creating, and purchasing Facebook ads. Apart from these meeting and reporting ad KPIs, use of Facebook Pixel and SDK. Similar to Planning certification, it also tests for expertise in more broad skillsets such as influencing consumer insights, targeting audiences, and troubleshooting ad issues.

To know more about the skills to get this certification, take a look at here.

To get the Buying Certification, you need to complete and pass the two required exams:

Exam 310-101: It is the Facebook Advertising Core Competencies exam— similar to the exam required for the Planning Certification. To know specific topics that exam cover, take a look here.

Exam 221-101: It is the Facebook Buying Exam. To know more specific topics that exam covers, take a look here.


You can earn one or both the certification depending upon your skillset, like what skill you would like to highlight. But, consider the fact that each of the certification requires knowledge of different topics. Start preparing now for your Facebook Blueprint Certification

The best ways to learn something is by doing. If you’re looking to gain more practical skills in Facebook advertising, join Skillzlearn certified Social marketing courses to master the skill of Facebook advertising.

Get hands-on experience by creating campaigns while working on Live projects. The training provides relevant resources and guides to brush up your knowledge and experience in the domain. The training will surely be beneficial in acquiring your professional Facebook Blueprint Certification. Students enrolling with us will get their Facebook Blueprint Certifications after course completion.

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