The Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

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Should SEO be your primary Online Channel?

Why Is SEO Important in growing your business?
If your brand needs to be visible online, customers should be able to find your website easily. Hence, to drive this traffic to your website, search engine optimization is a necessity.

SEO is the most important digital channel Organic traffic to your website is a necessity irrespective of which industry your company is in. Here are some more reasons why SEO in digital marketing is so important and should be the primary channel that you invest in.
        • Leverage Organic Traffic: According to global on-page and off-page SEO specialists, people avoid clicking on ads while searching for a specific product or service. They prefer moving on to the organic results below the ads. Hence strong off-page SEO and on-page SEO helps drive organic traffic to your website. Remember that small business SEO is also highly crucial regardless of the budget.
        • Trust & Loyalty: People in general love to go online and do their research. They love to google and read about a product or service that they have interest in. If your product or service ends up on the first page of google, they trust you. Brands that are visible in organic search have always been able to get more people to their website and hence increase sales.
        • Local Searches: It is essential for a company to sign up for Google My Business to be visible on local searches. SEO can optimize your Google my Business account to rank in the local map pack.

Case study: Importance of SEO as a Digital Marketing Strategy
At Skillzlearn, we love working with ambitious businesses that wish to increase their visibility and revenue in the online world. Skillzlearn was approached by a company that specializes in providing elite homes and offices. Their business was doing very well, but the company knew that they could not scale up without digital marketing. All their business revenues were coming through offline channels. In the past, their investment in digital marketing had not been pleasant. They had tried paid advertising that did not deliver results. The Skillzlearn SEO team began the crucial step of site audit with advanced SEO audit tools. The traffic to their website had seen a gradual decline year after year. Their website content was excellent, and they assumed that their website developer had incorporated SEO which was not the case.

The client gave us his expectation- a 15% increase in website traffic and 30% increase in leads in the first 8-12 months.

We curated an SEO plan that involved multiple off-page SEO as well as on-page SEO techniques. We explained to the client that not incorporating SEO into their digital marketing plan had been their biggest mistake. Our team began work on optimizing existing content, and then we built some high authority links. Soon the results were being seen, and the client was happy to see the gradual increase in traffic to his website by incorporating SEO in digital marketing. In 2 months the traffic showed a continuous upward curve. With the content optimized for the right keywords and using SEO tools, we have been able to increase leads by 62%. The client is quite impressed with what SEO techniques can do that he has enrolled for an online SEO course with Skillzlearn.

The company had not known that each company needs a specialized digital marketing strategy. In their case, it was SEO that was missing.

Skillzlearn recommends that before finalizing an SEO team for your company, you must ask the agency following questions.

1. Which off-page and on-page SEO techniques do you specialize in?
2. Can we study a few case studies on the work done by your company?
3. Can we see your SEO plan and results from every month?
4. What are your link building strategies?
5. Is content marketing included in your SEO plan?
6. How do you track progress and how often do we receive reports?

You can learn SEO techniques yourself by taking up an online SEO course. But an experienced and skilful SEO agency can deliver results in a shorter time. If you wish to discuss more on the various companies that Skillzlearn has helped through SEO, please get in touch, and we will send you a few case studies that will help you incorporate SEO in your digital marketing.

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