The Fundamental YouTube Video Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs in 2018

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You might still remember the famous Pepsi Max ad that goes viral over YouTube and catches millions of attentions. The beverage brand Pepsi executed an unbelievable video campaign at the bus stop in London that surprise and delights the Londoners with the Augmented Reality.

In this fantastic campaign, the people on the bus stop observe some incredible and surrealistic scenarios, as of the New Oxford Street is occupied by computer-generated flying-saucers, the giant robot with the laser eye and a lot more.

Because of the use of the superior quality of HD camera, the public considers it as a glass window and thus are shocked, surprised, and enlivened by the scene.

You can have a look at this unique video that goes viral on YouTube.

This video is a big example that depicts the power of Video Marketing. This article focuses on the importance of YouTube Video Marketing for small businesses to boost their brand.

Let’s dive in.

How YouTube Marketing is Important for Entrepreneurs

YouTube Marketing or Video Marketing is creating a buzz among entrepreneurs in today’s time, and the reason is good. As per a Cisco report, the video content will be accounting for 80% of the online traffic by the year 2019. As of now, a large number of people in the world are using the internet on daily basis, which accumulates to a great extent of online traffic.

No doubt, with the rise in the trend of video content, more and more businesses are integrating the videos in their business marketing plan to expand their brand awareness, driving significant traffic to the site, and ultimately achieving sales goal. Most of the entrepreneurs have already understood the urge of video marketing and thus successfully heading their business to the next level.

Businesses are generating a significant amount of revenue via the traffic from their YouTube videos.

So, the video is a useful marketing technique.

If you’re still not integrating videos into your marketing strategies, then you might be missing a considerable extent of traffic and potential customers for your business.

How YouTube videos can benefit your business

Though most of the social media channels support the concept of creating and sharing of videos YouTube is one of the top platforms for creating & sharing video content over the internet, and it’s the second largest search engine after Google.

The advantage of Integrating Videos over YouTube channel:

Traffic-With the presence of 1 billion+ people, the video platform YouTube proceed above 3 billion quest per month, which itself is more traffic than the combined of Yahoo!, Ask, Bing and AOL.

  • Website Engagement: As per a Shareaholic report, users who redirect to a site through YouTube stay for a long time on the website, view multiple pages, and more importantly have low bounce rates as compares to another social channel.

  • Google Search: As YouTube is a product of the popular search engine Google, so there will display a few videos from YouTube in Google’s top ten search result.

  • Re-purpose content: You can easily repurpose your different content format on YouTube as of blogs or even podcast episodes in the form of videos. Your viewers will indeed have relished it.

  • Advertisement: If your ROI is diminishing from other advertisement platforms, then YouTube’s video is a big shot. The best thing about YouTube ‘s video ad is that you pay at times only when someone engages with the ad


  • Sharing Video: The videos on YouTube are easily shareable. You can easily embed the videos from the YouTube channel in Facebook Posts, tweets, and even in blogs, and the entire video views will display on your channel.

The most benefited videos categories on YouTube are the following:

#1. Educational Video–  helpful in understanding a specific subject

#2. Inspirational Video– which tugged your heart and encourages to take the particular action

#3. Entertaining video– drive your attention and meant for enjoying


Remember, that the ultimate goal of your video marketing strategy is to boost the sales of your product and services, which means that you need to advertise it to as many viewers as you can and for that, your videos need to be highly attractive and engaging to target your audience.

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