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Skillzlearn is pioneer training institute offering industry-specific digital marketing education. It provided certified Digital Marketing and other top ten jobs oriented training.

Introduction to Skillzlearn:

Skillzlearn is a new age startup digital marketing education company started in 2016 with training centers based out at Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, and Bangalore. Founded by IIT-Delhi alumni, Mr. Vivek Kumar- a professional Digital Marketing Consultant and a passionate Entrepreneur, who have more than eight years of experience in the digital marketing industry. Skillzlearn is one stop solution for learning skills and training on different technologies and certifications. The certified training program offers a 360-degree learning experience to students through various formats such as Classroom courses, LIVE online instructor-led courses, online self-paced learning courses, custom workshops, etc.

Skillzlearn Training Module-

Our Certified Courses offers a vast exposure to cover every area of digital marketing, and thus the training program is designed on the basis on below mention modules to help participants learn the core concept of digital marketing in a systematic way. Our training module includes the following areas:

  • Digital Marketing Overview
  • Website Planning and Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Lead Generation for Business
  • Growth Hacking
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Skillzlearn Certified Digital Marketing Course Details: –

Our Certified Digital Marketing Course comes with the following features:

# 3 Month Classroom Training

# 16-course Modules

# 100 hours of LIVE classes

# 6 Certifications

# 80 hours of Video Lectures

Skillzlearn Learning Model-

Seminar and Webinar

  • Orientation for Learning path & career options
  • One-to-one Interaction with Faculty
  • Way forward for students

Workshop & Boot Camp

  • Introductory modules on Subject matter
  • Case studies, Assignments and Q&A session
  • Quizzes, contest & Internship opportunity

Online & Live Classes

  • Hands-on Training on Tools & Techniques
  • Exposure to Live projects, Internships & Certification
  • Job assistance with interview preparation
Skillzlearn Certified Course Features:

    Learn from IIT-alumni & industry experts

    24/7 access to study material via the website or mobile app

    Exposure to LIVE projects & Industry specific tools

    Internship & Job Assistance

    Industry relevant Certifications & preparation

    Forums, discussion, chat & instant query resolution

Who can join the Certified Digital Marketing Course?

With the rise in the application of internet technology nowadays, we observe the digitization merging in our everyday life. Whether you’re looking to buy any dress? You can purchase it online. Wish to endorse any product? Take Google AdWords ads.

Thus, digital marketing courses are for anyone and everyone. It’s even essential to have digital knowledge as the trend of digitalization will be overpowering everything in the coming time.

Benefits of Skillzlearn Certified Digital Marketing course to different professionals:

 For Student

Digital Marketing is a growing industry in India, offering best-paid jobs. Students can take digital marketing training to enhance their marketing skills and pursue their career in this growing industry.

For Entrepreneur or Business Owner

Entrepreneurs or Business owners can take this certified Digital Marketing course to boost their business by advertising their products online to drive traffic to their site for achieving their sales goal. The skill also helps enterprises to build their brand presence globally.

For Professionals

Give your career the digital boost by enrolling in a Digital Marketing Training. These certification courses will help the working professionals to acquire the knowledge of online marketing an internet-based technologies, which are anyhow beneficial to them. Earning certification even adds more value to your profile, which increases the chances of better employment.

For Freelancers-

Freelancers can take the certified Digital Marketing Course can take this and would be highly beneficial for them. As attaining the digital skills, one can efficiently work as the freelancer on their client’s project. One can even start their own business by gaining expertise in digital marketing domain and can draw handsome earnings.

What learners feel about Skillzlearn-

SACHIN TANEJA (Professional Marketing)

I would like to thank Vivek for being an excellent mentor. He has guided me briefly in learning every concept of Digital Marketing. He holds thorough knowledge of the subject and has a right flair for teaching. I wish him all the best.

RITU GANDHI (Social Media Marketing Manager)

It’s was an excellent experience to enrolled in a course that provides practical experience on Live Projects. It not only improved my knowledge but also give me an exposure of working in this domain with Live Projects. Trainers are highly supportive in resolving any queries related to course.

NITIN RAO (Final Year Student,

I enrolled in Skillzlearn certified course in 2016. I got a complete theoretical as well as practical knowledge about digital marketing. Study material provided by them are highly precise & beneficial to me. Skillzlearn provides 100% job assistance after completion of training.

Why join leaders in Digital Marketing Training: Skillzlearn

Skillzlearn being India’s leading digital marketing training institute offers entirely everything you are probably looking for in a digital marketing training. Enroll for a free demo session on Digital Marketing by expert trainers and get to know the scope of the digital marketing industry. Get industry-specific certification after the completion of the training. Get 100% job assistance.

To know more about our training programs, please visit or call us at 8800226570.

5 Secret Tips for implementing Great Content Marketing Strategy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Content Marketing has always act as a powerful weapon for outreaching an integrated PR and marketing firm’s goal. The marketing agencies are implementing hardcore efforts for client’s business growth by taking in account the knowledge and writing skills to deliver bylines, press releases and various corporate communications.

Nowadays, content has become the top priority for businesses running online. Business owners are using it a strategic tool to engage in online market place. Most of the B2B businesses are focused on creating blogs, bylines, case studies, eBooks, videos and social content than ever before, and are actively looking to market their content effectively on online platforms.

Why Content Marketing is Required

Today, there are more lookout for good information but with the possibility to meet the challenge of ‘hard sell’. Many of us are going through reviews on various sites before making a purchase. We study various products, compare prices & features, before making any deal. Nowadays, even grocery shoppers compare price and products before investing.

People nowadays want relevant content that help them to make a good choice. Users are less interested in traditional advertisements and old-school marketing tactics, and it is applicable for both B2B and B2C customers. According to a survey, 70% consumer learn about companies through articles rather than advertising.

Additionally, a business survey report stated that 80% of user get to learn about a prospective purchase from blogs/articles rather than advertising. The same survey reveal that 70% of user agree that content attract them to the sponsoring company and 60% believe that content help them in making better buying decision.

The above mentioned statistics depicts the power of CONTENT, and it proves that it is rightly said that ‘Content Is King’. As content holds the power to make a difference in the growth figures for your business. The good content can boost your business growth in short span (even for small businesses). Thus, it is important to focus on the content, and to do so, this article has listed few tips for implementing great content marketing strategy for your business.

Let’s dive in…

Tips for Implementing Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Usually, small businesses lack with funding and resources to invest in their marketing plan. For them, Content Marketing is the perfect solution for gaining desired marketing outcomes. As the only investment with this marketing technique involve is the relevancy of content. With just that one content ingredients your marketing recipes is ready to crave your benefit goal.

Below are some of the tip beneficial for implementing effective content marketing strategy:

1 Use the right tone

Before publishing the content, prepare a sort of style book which depicts the overall tone of your company. Your tone should depend on specific adjectives you find best portrait your company. Is your company a startup? Professional? Young team? Plan these kind of keywords in your mind, it will help you to keep a consistent voice and personal connection with your audience. Remember, it is also applicable for audio content.

2 – Understand your audience

To make your content stands out from the rest, you need to hold a specific class of readers. You can implement it by having a clear picture of the people to whom your product or service serves as the best solution. By consistently providing valued content to your readers, you will earn their trust and loyalty in your brand, and by the time they’ll consider you as an expert in that particular field.

3 – Share Your Content

It’s important to gain readers attention over your content while sharing on different social platforms. Also, mark the fact that not every social platform is beneficial for sharing content, go for the one where your ideal audience is present. Choosing the right platform will help you gain more engagement. So, next time you create any sort of content, consider its inherited features, and then decide which platforms serves it best, for example, if it’s visual, go for Instagram, for video, consider YouTube and so on). It’s important to understand what the users are looking for on particular platforms, and publish the content that most suit with their requirement.

4 – Take Advantage of Facebook Live

Recalling the idea of #3, though Facebook Live is being in trend, but there is no single fit solution to every need. Though it shouldn’t replace video tutorials, informative resources or other resources which has long shelf-life, but it is good practice to create and spread content with a sense of urgency. It is specifically important for featuring event sessions, webinars or unique interviews which can later be reuse. Thus, Facebook Live could be a strong alternate for daily, weekly, or monthly video series, as long as it has the consistency to attract and engage the viewers.

5– Keep on Experimenting

Experimentation is not a bad word, as some of the most successful campaigns comes from the lesson of failure learned from previous undertakings. When analyzing a new platform or any specific sort of content, try to measure expectations for a trial run. If you’re not getting desired result, you can quit anytime. And keep record of insights you get from a successful campaign, which will be helpful in deciding next stage of your campaign.


Google’s latest algorithm have made content marketing more valuable than ever before. It takes businesses to plan their marketing strategy with a high focus on content part. As any aspect of digital marketing, be it SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing highly rely on Content. And Quality Content holds the power to drive attract, engage, convince and convert the prospects into customers.

To learn the latest tactics of Content Marketing, enroll now in Skillzlearn Certified Digital Marketing Training. Learn from the industry expert and become a professional Content Marketing Specialist.
To know more about the certification programs, visit skillzlearn or call on 8800226570.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Digital Marketing Interview Question and Answer

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So, finally you’ve made your mind to be a Part of trending online marketing and advertising business. And being pumped to your fantasy job meeting for Digital Marketing profile.

Well, you don’t have to worry!

This article can help you to understand a compiled List of potential queries which are more inclined to be requested during the interview to equally fresher in addition to experienced applicants. You have to undergo these query to enlarge your odds for choice in interview. After all, the secret to enhance your confidence in meeting is to be more well-prepared for this.

Why You Need to spend your time this Post

It is Worth reading this site since it will supply you clear comprehension of subsequent subjects: –

  • Knowledge centered Interview Questions together with answers associated with electronic advertising, that may be helpful for you during and after interview
  • Maybe asked Digital Marketing interview query
  • Personalized Digital Marketing interview questions for fresher’s
  • Questions prone asked from Digital Marketing managers in addition to executives

Knowledge-Based Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Below listed are a Few of the fundamental interview questions together with answers to appraise your comprehension concerning in this domain.

Q1) What’s Digital Marketing?

Ans. It is a practice of marketing any product or services through electronic technologies and more than digital medium. It pertains to reaching out to engaging with your clients or customers via digital media.

Though conventional marketing channels have surely assisted greatly in reaching out to the target market but participation and interaction had been missing behind, thus rendering it a one-side communicating. As a marketer, you’d agree with that advertising is about two-way communicating, or using a meaningful conversation with clients. It’s a stage where conventional advertising station loses and online marketing scores.

Any company or person who Want to Achieve Out & participate with their clients or prospects, electronic advertising platforms are of fantastic use to them. It is not just confined to sales & marketing and advertising campaigns of brands but also fulfill other small business demand like serving customers, discovering new gift, Market Research, and it is well worth mentioning that numerous sales & marketing and advertising aims like lead Generation, new building, customer acquisition might also be accomplished with Digital Marketing.

It consists of multiple channels such as Social media, website, search engine optimization etc. for Implementing various digital marketing techniques.

Q2. What are the different kinds of Digital Marketing?

Ans: It’s among the most frequent question asked in an interview. Additionally, this is those sort of questions that demonstrate your level of fundamental understanding about the domain name. Even though there are several methods to categorize this marketing domain, as stated by the dynamism and vastness of alternatives out there in the area, the expression, is essentially categorized into two key section from the perspective of visitors and lead generation.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound advertising refers to a specific audience response and induce traffic/leads to grow the inbound traffic volume, through the medium of different promotional activities like social networking advertising, content promotion utilizing e-newsletter/webinars/e-books and SEO etc. It will assist the consumer to learn more about a business, its offered services & products, and to establish a link.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound advertising is a traditional method of advertising, where the provider reaches out to its viewers through promotional messaging. This advertising technique concentrated mainly over outreaching into the possible audience via electronic platforms in means of mediums like conducting advertising campaigns, emails, calls, etc.

Q3. Why Online Marketing dominate over Offline Marketing?

Ans: Today, more people are choosing for online marketing due to different benefits:

  • Exceptional lead generation when compared with costly offline advertising
  • Easily reachable to enormous and varied audience online
  • No geographical boundaries when Using digital advertising platforms
  • Can certainly draw actual insights of customer opinions and competition analysis using digital Advertising
  • An individual can quickly measure and monitor their Return-On-Investment in online Marketing and may certainly improve upon it

Q4) Define Responsive site?

Ans. Site identifies a website that’s made using Responsive Web Layout (RWD). It is an actively speedy site which responds quite well to consumer interaction via being highly compatible with numerous browsers and devices.

Responsive Web Layout (RWD)

A Website layout that change its design in line with the view-port dimensions and orientation of their apparatus. The content introduced over the huge screen and tiny displays are alike but supplied with a different design to supply an optimum experience on that specific screen size where site has been seen.

Q5. What’s your knowledge about AMP?

Ans. The AMP Job was declared by AMP job over the site of official Site, is described as:

“The AMP Job is an open-source Representative planning to create the web easier for everybody. This endeavor entitles for the production of advertisements and sites that are consistently fast, appealing and high-performing across apparatus and distribution platforms”

The AMP Project broadly right from the beginning:

“Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) from Google is a really approachable frame for producing fast-loading mobile webpages. The open-source initiative is intended to permit publishers to quickly improve rate (and thus, the consumer experience) to their cellular readership without sacrificing any advertising revenue they may rely upon.

Q6) Mention the best way to boost traffic to a site?

Ans: The Best Way to increase Traffic to your site is to concentrate on building traffic hyperlinks and put money into constant search engine optimization management. It not only aids in gaining traffic to a website but also help in building brand awareness. However, the essential element is to concentrate on User Retention by supplying the ideal expertise to consumer over your website.

By Way of Example, obtaining a Moz connection and getting 10k traffic in your site is a great outcome. However, you need to note that the conversion rates will be comparatively low. Although, the transformed lead will certainly land on the site multiple times. However, if you are thought on creating a fantastic user experience and consequently wish to maintain those users, you will likely to experience a rise conversion speed obtained from these tens of thousands of visits within couple months. By planning to concentrate on user participation, you can construct a platform where individuals will keep returning.

Q7. Mention few important Digital Marketing Tools?

Ans: Below mention are some of the tool:

  • Keyword Discovery
  • RankWatch
  • Moz
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Google Analytic
  • Favicon Generator
  • Google Trends
  • Kissmetrics
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Buzzsumo
  • Adexpresso
  • Buffer App
  • MailChimp
  • Unbounce

Q8. Difference among Branding and Direct Marketing?

Ans: Branding

Advertiser concentrated to showcase Their brand on sites and applications using mass reach. The typical mediums include custom advertisements, YouTube advertisements, remarketing, and screen advertisements goal.

Direct Marketing

The advertiser targeted in communicating with their target market. The most popular activity are lively search advertisements, shopping advertisements, Search Network Just etc.

Q9) What’s Google AdWords Remarketing?

Ans: Advertising strategy that help entrepreneurs to outreach those customers that previously visited their website but did not make a buy. This type of marketing strategy is valuable in targeting tight individuals with the ideal ad, and in the ideal moment.

Q10. List some constraints of Digital Marketing?

Ans: A number of these constraints mention below:

  • Intense Contest: Considering that the idea of internet promotion is readily available, cost-effective and much more responsible by design, therefore it’s come to be the preferred selection for advertising for most brands. It became difficult to be noticed and have noticed among such extreme rivalry
  • Overwhelming: Ever since net is obtained with this much content for each and every subject, onslaught of resources which it sometimes become somewhat confusing what to think about and furthermore relevant. It took great practice and expertise to keep ahead about it
  • Great Analytics Practice: Though, there’s analytics for each and every practice over net, but you want to be aware of the specific reading and quantifying parameter to utilize it in effective manner. In the event you’re unable to get these metrics, then it became ineffective and you’ll be able to get stuck in after vain metrics & squandering your advertising expense at wrong locations.


These Digital Marketing Interview questions and replies will probably have you in good stead if you are confronting the interview board.

If You Would like to establish or Accelerate your career in online marketing, then investing in a thorough training is among the best investments you can make.

Interested in learning Digital Marketing, take a look at Skillzlearn Digital Marketing Certification Training.

These certificate courses are useful for students and marketing professionals that wish to increase their digital marketing and advertising abilities. So, Kick start your career by registering today in such certificate classes.

To Learn More, please See at skillzlearn or connect on 8800226570 today![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

How to drive more leads with Facebook ads?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Do you have a business page over Facebook? Do you wish to go beyond likes, comments, and shares for the overall efforts you invest in your social media planning?

If so, you must need to implement Facebook ads strategies to generate more leads for your business. But before that, you need to know what exactly the term ‘Facebook ad’ means,

What are Facebook Ads?

Powerful Editor and Facebook ads Manager are efficient tools that ease you to target your content to a specific audience and enable you to convert your social media strategy into significant sales for your business. Facebook ads are also a great technique to create a database of user who are interesting in your product and services.

This article will help you to understand the tactics of driving more leads with Facebook Ads:

How to drive more leads with Facebook Ads?

Step one: Valuable Content

The world of Facebook is equipped with loads of information for almost everything. To make someone stop scrolling beyond your ad, your creative must need to have great content. It’s not just about images or text that you use, it is mainly about what message you’re trying to convey through your ad and how’s it important for user that will make him to stop and notice your ad.

Step two:  Relevant landing page

The landing pages are the lead capture pages, which are based on the content you created and contain the information about content itself. Additionally, it contains a call-to-action sort of form where user can fill their details for getting an access to your content. It is important to have an effective strategy and design for your landing page, to drive more traffic to your site.

Step three: Know your target audience

It became important in digital marketing to reach your target audience to generate suitable leads for your campaign. It helps you in creating an effective marketing engagement strategies. As these audiences are looking for product and service that your company serves.  These individual are basically the end users most likely to make a purchase from your company.

Step four: Create your Ad

At time you create your Facebook ad, you have been asked to state the objective of your campaign. After adding in the URL of your landing Page, Facebook ask you to install a tracking pixel over the ‘Thank You’ page. Up next, you have to set up your targeting and your ad spends, and for how long you wish to run your ad. Then, add the image and text you want to include and insert a call-to-action button. There is no such hassle in running a Facebook ad, as the process been quite simple.

Step five: Optimize your Facebook ads to increase conversion

Facebook ads is not just a process of setup-and-forget. To get the best and most out of your effort and investment, you need to consistently monitor your Facebook ads performance to know what strategies work best for you, and what won’t.

It’s important to build and maintain your relationship with existing and new leads to make your Facebook Ad campaign successful and result oriented. Make sure that your Ads are relevant to the people, so that your audience will find a solution to the problem they’re facing from long time. That ultimately turn your customers into your promoters.


Hopefully this blog has given you few ideas of generating more leads through Facebook Ads for your business that too without much investment.

If you’re still not sure, what strategies best work for your Facebook ad campaign, learn the tactics of Facebook marketing and become a specialist in this domain.

Looking for Facebook Marketing Training in Gurgaon, check out Skillzlearn certified Marketing Training. Register now, for classroom training or avail online LIVE classes. Learn the core concept of Facebook marketing from industry experts.

Have any query, reach out to us at skillzlearn or connect with us at 8800226570.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

25 Popular Job Skills of 2018, According to LinkedIn

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Do you want a job change? Well, depending upon your work set, you may want to polish your technical skills, or must learn new ones to stand high in today’s competitive world.

The Professional networking site LinkedIn had recently released a report including a list of 25 most profitable skills for 2018, and it’s pretty much clear that many employers are looking out for people having expertise in computing, web development, and software and data engineering.

LinkedIn carried out a survey from its member base of more than 500 million people to assess the most demanded skills asked by the employers, as per Business Insider. Among thousands of individual skills acquired from the member’s profiles were grouped into an overarching categories (for example, iOS would be considered under mobile development category).

Eventually, LinkedIn survey hiring & recruiting activities for a time span of eight-month to analyze the skill categories which belonged to those members who were more likely to opt for a new job role in a company & draw interest from companies.

Below is the full list, let’s check out:

Top 25 most In-demand job skills stated by LinkedIn

  1. Cloud and Distributed Computing

Job Role- Cloud and Distributed Computing is a technique for carrying IT services where resources are retrieved from the Internet via web-based tools & applications, as opposed to a direct connection to a server. Cloud services allow the users to save files & applications on remote servers, and can access that data through internet.

Median Salary – $124,300

Job opening growth – By 25%

Career Advancement score (out of 10) :8

Top Skills: Database, Programming, Linux, DevOps, Quality Assurance, Information Security

  1. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Job Role- Statistical Analysis and Data Mining mark the major areas of data analysis, including data mining algorithms, undertaking statistical measures, and practical applications. The prime responsibility of professionals is to develop & support reporting processes, monitor and audit data quality, mine and analyze large data sheets, creating dashboards, graphs and visualizations.

Median Salary- $53,448

Job opening growth- By 23%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 8

Top Skills-  numerical and analytical skills, data analysis, web analytics, Google Analytics, VBA and SQL server, XML

  1. Middleware and Integration Software

Job Role- The job role involve connecting two different computer system together. The products can either be open-source or proprietary. Monitoring system to solve various technical issues that involve large objective of systems that are inserted in networks at many level

Median Salary- $113,392

Job opening growth- By 18%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 7

Top Skills- Python, Ruby, Java, automated testing, Troubleshooting, operational and software security

  1. Web Architecture and Development Framework

Job Role- The job responsibilities include handling he entire web development cycle- design, build, deploy, test applications. Creating and maintaining a robust framework to assist the apps/web.

Median Salary- $63190

Job opening growth- By 22%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 8

Top Skills- MySQL, database management, social media APIs, PHP framework

  1. User Interface Design

Job Role- User Interface Design commonly known as UI design is the designing of user interfaces for software and machines, like computers, mobile devices, home appliances or other electronic devices with the purpose of maximizing usability and user experience. The designer aim to make user’s interaction simple as well as more efficient to achieve user goals for their design.

Median Salary- $88,555

Job opening growth- By 24%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 8

Top Skills- HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator

  1. Software Revision Control Systems

Job Role- Software version control system is an important factor in software release management. A VCS is a system which provides different versions of project’s code. It’s important in software development infrastructure involving version control system, build and release management system and issue tracking system.

Median Salary- $ 74,555

Job opening growth- By 19%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 7

Top Skills- Testing, Troubleshooting, HTML/CSS, Automaton tool, Web Performance

  1. Data Presentation

Job Role- A Data presentation analyst present data in useful and appealing manner to users. The major role involves converting complex data into access from for user to easily understand, perform data federation, improving and integrating data.

Median Salary- $101,736

Job opening growth- By 20%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 8

Top Skills- Adobe, Google Analytics, scripting & statistical language, Analytical, Microsoft Excel, SQL

  1. SEO/SEM Marketing

Job Role- The role involve planning relevant strategies for optimizing result, performing keyword research, and create marketing campaigns to maximize company’s online visibility in search engines.

Median Salary- $160,000

Job opening growth- By 27%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 9

Top Skills- Google Analytics, Link development, HTML, MS Excel, SEO Tools, Marketing, Keyword & planning strategies

  1. Mobile Development

Job Role- The role involves developing application programming interfaces (APIs) to support mobile performance, using and adapting web application for apps, design prototype application

Median Salary- $106,724

Job opening growth- By 28%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 9

Top Skills- Analytical Skills, UX/UI design, Java, APIs

  1. Network and Information Security

Job Role- Responsible for design and implement the security system of organization to prevent the network from any sort of cyber-attacks & assist in maintaining security standards. Apart from that, perform penetration testing, fix the detected susceptibility to maintain high-security standard.

Median Salary- $115,040

Job opening growth- By 23%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 8

Top Skills- Analytical, knowledge of implementing security framework, web application, system integration, C++, Java, Security certification

  1. Marketing Campaign Management

Job Role- The Marketing campaign manager direct the marketing campaigns for the company and make sure that the campaigns are effective and carried out as per company’s goals. The role involves managing day to day marketing activities of company & planning long term effective strategy for the organization.

Median Salary- $93,250

Job opening growth- By 25%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 9

Top Skills- Marketing, Social media marketing, Management, Online marketing, Google Analytics, Google AdSense

  1. Data Engineering and Data Warehousing

Job Role- Data Warehouse Engineer oversees the complete life-cycle of back-end development of business data warehouse. Responsible for development of ETL processes, cube development for database & performing administration activities, and dimensional designing of table structures.

Median Salary- $137,776

Job opening growth- By 18%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 8

Top Skills- SQL database, Analytics, Conceptual database knowledge, Python

  1. Storage Systems and Management

Job Role- Role involve to plan and manage the installation process, configuration & turning of SAN & storage hardware and software.

Median Salary- $102,678

Job opening growth- By 17%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 7

Top Skills- Network system administration, LINUX, UNIX,

  1. Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Job Role- The responsibility involves designing electronic components, software products, and electrical control system (machinery, equipment). Further analyze and test electrical system to ensure quality and performance.

Median Salary- $71,084

Job opening growth- By 20%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 8

Top Skills- Troubleshooting, operation analysis, system analysis, system evaluation, designing, testing

  1. Algorithm Design

Job Role- The algorithm design engineer is responsible for the design, analysis, implementation, optimization, profiling, and experimental evaluation of computer algorithms, connecting algorithm theory and practical applications of algorithms in software.

Median Salary- $79,915

Job opening growth- By 18%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 7

Top Skills- Matlab, Machine learning, Algorithms, C++, Python, Linux, Digital Image Processing

  1. Perl, Python, and Ruby

Job Role-  Responsible for building server side applications, performing day to day operational maintenance, support and upgrading for database operating system, workstations and servers. Planning and implementation of new/upgraded hardware & software for storage infrastructure.

Median Salary- $118,534

Job opening growth- By 22%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 8

Top Skills- Perl, Python, Ruby, Backend, data structure, design pattern

  1. Shell Scripting Languages

Job Role- Responsibility involve migrating critical information, networking configuration, manage and monitor the processes. Building, enhancing, tuning and debugging applications and databases.

Median Salary- $99,000

Job opening growth- By 18%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 8

Top Skills- Linux, UNIX, SAN, Network configuration

  1. Mac, Linux, and Unix Systems

Job Role- Responsible for day to day supporting of system and users by developing tools and systems. Monitoring and management of IT infrastructure and assets, ensuring compliance with security policies and software licensing.

Median Salary- $78,759

Job opening growth- By 18%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 8

Top Skills- Software designing, testing, Linux, Mac, UNIX, system administration

  1. Java Development

Job Role- A Java developer perform the operation of designing, implementing and retaining java application. Additionally, managing software analysis, programming, testing, and debugging applications. Also, involved in software and architectural development activities.

Median Salary- $97,000 

Job opening growth- By 23%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 9

Top Skills- Java, database, SQL, J2EE Framework, Relational Database

  1. Business Intelligence

Job Role- BI analyst job role is to design and maintain business intelligence solution for an organization. Gathering data via number of ways through software, analyzing competitor data & industry trends to allocate the company’s status in market and planning strategies for improvement.

Median Salary- $87,000

Job opening growth- By 18%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 8

Top Skills- Data analysis, SQL, APIs, Analysis, Data warehousing

  1. Software QA and User Testing

Job Role- A software QA support the agile team in designing, testing, analysis high quality product that meets the customer expectation. The prime responsibility involves quality objective and testing process.

Median Salary-  $66,876

Job opening growth- By 21%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 9

Top Skills- operating system, Testing techniques, analytical skills, Management

  1. Virtualization

Job Role- Responsible for designing and implementing scalable, maintainable and highly data center solutions. Perform maintenance and system upgrading activities such as service update, patches, and hot fixes. Provide level 2/3 support and troubleshooting to resolve issues.

Median Salary- $71,583

Job opening growth- By 19%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 9

Top Skills- Networking, Troubleshooting, Hyper-V, XenServer, Windows

  1. Automotive Services, Parts and Design

Job Role- Responsible for designing, development and managing manufacturing process. Designing computer aided software and drafting ideas into blueprints for development and testing, developing machine tools, equipment & processes, and also monitoring costs and production, and oversees quality control.

Median Salary- $79,915

Job opening growth- By 21%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 8

Top Skills- Designing, Automotive engineering, Monitoring, testing

  1. Economics

Job Role- The prime responsibility include researching and analyzing economic issues. Conducting various surveys and gathering data. Analyzing the data using mathematical models and statistical techniques.

Median Salary- $102,490

Job opening growth- By 19%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 8

Top Skills- Analytical, Mathematical, strong statistical, Financial, computing

  1. Database Management and Software

Job Role- Responsible for maintaining the integrity and performance of organization’s databases and make sure that the data is stored securely & optimally. DBAs inform end users of changes in databases and instruct them to utilize systems.

Median Salary- $84,950

Job opening growth- By 18%

Career Advancement score (out of 10)- 8

Top Skills- Database queries, SQL server, MYSQL, relational algebra, RDBMS, database design


You can easily learn these skills via online classes from platforms like Skillzlearn. While it is important to know these hard skills, at the same time it is good to know that 57% of business leaders surveyed by LinkedIN reported soft skills. Those who wish to be more universal in their career, with leadership, communication, collaboration, and time management are depicted as being the most crucial soft skills to possess in 2018.

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Top Digital Marketing Updates of 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Digital Marketing has revolutionized the entire face of marketing. With the skyrocketing growth in internet technologies and influence of Digital Marketing, businesses are tramping to match up with the latest marketing trends. As in today’s world, people are consuming any information happening around the world through digital platforms. Thus, making digital marketing the perfect option for businesses to reach out to their target audiences.
Nowadays, most businesses are adopting digital marketing methodology for their plans of actions or promoting their existing marketing strategies over different digital platforms.

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, frequently keep on updating their platforms, making it a bit difficult for marketers to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the social media space.
This article will help you devise for the changes to come in Digital Marketing industry in 2018 that you must need to know.

To know more, Let’s dive in!

Top Digital Marketing Trend of 2018

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is booming with every passing second. It’s becoming the most equipped digital marketing tool for businesses nowadays.

Content marketing is the practice of developing and sharing valuable, consistent & relevant content over digital platforms. The marketing technique is highly being used to draw the attention of a defined audience with a purpose of converting the potential customers into leads.

The sort of content you market is related to your business, the product, and services you want to sell. It is an approach of creating brand awareness among people, to know, engage and believe you reasonably to carry out business with you.

Here is a fantastic instance of how coke made the best use of personalizing the content in their marketing strategy.

Share A Coke Campaign

The company’s “Share a Coke” 2015 summer campaign was one of the most successful marketing campaigns in the history of Coca-Cola brand. This marketing strategy carried out the company’s iconic logo over 24 bottles for around 250 of the most popular names of people in countries. The consumers had the benefit of having common names or family relation, such as “Bhai,” “family,” printed on coca-cola bottles and were inspired to share those bottles with family and friends.

With this campaign, the company was able to create the massive amount of social media content by precisely focusing on customers who use social media to share photos and stories. The company offers complete creative control and brand takeover to these customers, prompting the user to feel that they were not advertising the company online so much as they were drawing their social media conversions.

2. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the viable in-demand strategies of digital marketing, which aim to target the potential customer on their smart-phones, tablets or other mobile devices, through websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps. From addressing on E-mail till visiting your site, the entire process is accessible on your smartphone.

Mobile marketing has driven up the market at the rapid rate. In today’s tech-savvy world, the smartphone is the perfect alternative to laptop or desktop, to access your email or social media accounts. Mobile marketing is and will be going to be the top sort of digital marketing techniques for marketers to implement for achieving their marketing goal.

Mobile Marketing has a brighter scope in the digital marketing arena. If you are not using any mobile marketing strategy for your business, you might be lagging behind from gaining better sufficient revenues on your business.

Let’s consider the example below that has taken mobile marketing to an entirely next level

Though Hollywood blockbuster frequently prefers multi-channel advertising campaigns, the ‘Justice League’ carry out something extraordinary. They coupled with brands like Mercedes and AT&T, the producers offered some fantastic experiences, behind the scenes and looks of movie cast to drive audience curiosity.

They come up with a free mobile app called Justice League VR. And introduce a Join the League Gillette Edition to carry out the TV and cinema spots linking the movie to the shaving brand. Additionally, they implement technologies like Google Cardboard and similar technologies offering the user a chance to perform their part in their superhero team.

3. Videos

Video content, no doubt is grabbing more user eyes on social media. Either you’re advertising your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat, it seems like the trends of social video engagements is reaching out to be at the top in 2018. Videos benefit you to spread your content faster and reach out in a more convincing message form to improve sales.

People are viewing billion hours of videos every day on YouTube and Facebook. It is recommended to post more videos content per month to drive user’s attention. It doesn’t matter, for what platform you do for, whether a Facebook Live, YouTube videos or website video, start making a habit of producing quality video content for your customers on a regular basis.

Video marketing is the most effective way used by marketers in the digital marketing field. And they admitted the fact that video drive more positive impact on their marketing outcome.

For instance, below is a video marketing campaigns by Dove, take a look over it to find out how it lands their marketing by combining an empowering message with a real description of their target audience.

In their campaign named “Like a Girl,” the brand used the popular insult to catch the attention and then turned the conversation about what it means to run, throw, and fight “like a girl.”

Always #LikeAGirl created much global awareness and changed people thinking about the phrase ‘like a girl,’ the video got more than 85m views on YouTube from 150+ countries.

4. Chatbots

Chatbots are the computer program design in such a way that imitates social chat or dialogues in the form of text or spoken languages using AI (artificial language) techniques. Chatbots are implemented to tackle customer service issue, engagement, and general queries.

Though chatbots have always been available there but were not that obvious, nowadays more brands are using chatbots with the purpose of serving better customer experience. Chatbots are offering better results now than ever before and also engaging more audiences to the website.

Take a look at the campaign by Starbucks and consider yourself if using chatbots is a right move for your company’s next marketing campaign,

Starbuck, introduced their Mobile App and made it simple for the customer to place their order via the app. The customers would able to make their request via voice command or messaging interface. Chatbots are beneficial in maintaining & improving customer base and engagement. Once you place your order, the chatbots will inform you when your order will be ready and the total cost of your order.

The company added that it has 12 million Starbucks Rewards members, increase 18 percent from the last year, plus 8 million mobile paying users, using their Mobile order & Pay technology, that enabled customers to place an order through smartphones and getting it without facing the hassle of standing in the queue. The statistics figure depicts how chatbots had helped Starbucks to grow through mobile ordering.


The trends mentioned above will change the entire structure of social and digital marketing in 2018. To keep your business growth consistent, and maintain your customer reach, you have to implement the updated digital marketing strategies as per the new trends to get better ROI.

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Master the Art of Digital Marketing for your Business Growth

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Internet has become an essential marketing tool for businesses for creating their online branding. There are multiple benefits of digital  marketing for businesses. And it would not be wrong to say that Internet marketing has become one of the crucial element for businesses to survive in the competitive edge market in today’s time. People are using this platform for running virtual businesses because of the convenience it offered in terms of cost-saving and trends. Even the customers find it relevant to purchase the products online with just a click.

Take a quick look over some of the tips to master the technique of digital marketing for your business growth:

Digital Marketing Tips for Steady Business Growth

#1 Online Marketing for EVERY Businesses

Online marketing is suitable for every kind of businesses, that mainly focuses on making money over the virtual world. For instance, if you’re running an online store for selling any specific products, then online business is vital for you. Although the importance of online business does not dim at all when it comes to managing traditional businesses. It’s worth to explore the virtual world as it brings more exposure, brand value and better business profitability to your business. Additionally, it offers the benefit of global exposure to your business.

 #2 Ease of Effective Business Marketing

There are abundant benefits of Internet-based digital marketing, but among them COST- EFFECTIVENESS is the best thing. A business will not sustain if it has to face high inflation. A business will not survive if it has to bear high expenses on their business marketing strategies or tactics. Today, businesses are focused on pure marketing and promotional plans, and what best platform for that than online marketing. It provides you an approach for promoting your business with precision. The professional business can be best managed by digital marketing techniques.

#3 Things You Required for Internet Business Marketing

For performing online marketing strategies for your business, you need to acquire few things. And among them Patience is one of the important aspect. If you don’t have patience, then online business marketing is definitely not your cup of tea. Implementing unfair means for getting faster results wouldn’t work here. Indeed, unethical marketing is taken very seriously by the search engines, and your website could even be blocked for this action. To avoid such drastic consequences, you should follow a step by step business marketing methodology with patience. And losing patience means attempting to get result faster by false medium. In order to get efficient result, most people make critical mistakes

Beside from patience, online marketers need to know some more things as well. As it would be beneficial for implementing online marketing strategies for your business. One of the important factor is to keep your knowledge updated with the recent trends of online marketing industry. Staying updated with the trends will help you to work with multiple marketing techniques. If you don’t update your knowledge, you will restrict within your knowledge of marketing that might be out –dated to drive effective result. Additionally, you didn’t carry out the contemporary techniques for online business marketing. Consequently, your business starts showing negative results in business marketing.

Though, online business doesn’t require heavy investment of money. But, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest at all. You do have to make some investments according to your budget. Depending upon the nature of business, related investment actions need to be taken. The prior and foremost thing is to invest in tools for business marketing. There are different tools available for digital marketing to serve different purposes. For instance, there available tools that help you in measuring and monitoring your business progress.

#4 Scopes for Improvement in Business Marketing Strategies

If you’re already implementing online business marketing campaigns, you need to analyze the scope of investment on your business marketing plan. If the scope is limited for further improvement of your campaign, then you must need to examine and accurate your campaign marketing strategies. The most crucial element you need to check is the growth of your business with the latest marketing techniques or methods. Invest 3-4 months of time to examine the outcome of a particular marketing strategy, afterward reviewed the performance of your business. If you didn’t notice any significant improvement in branding and marketing of your business, you can modify your business marketing strategies for achieving your business marketing goal.

You can only achieve the profitable business marketing results when your business digital marketing plan is strategized with straight-out purpose.

#5 Enable to target your ideal buyers

Digital marketing enables you to showcase your products and content to the right audience. It provides you the reach to those users who are searching the web the web for the content and products which is relevant to your business. It also allows you to get engage with your audiences in real-time to get a better understanding of their requirements.

By knowing who your target audience is and what they are looking for you can improve your marketing strategies. And with digital marketing you don’t have to worry that you’re spending money on ads which will not reach to those who are likely to be interested in your products/services. With advanced targeting proficiency, the digital marketing strategies help you to measure and monitor your marketing efforts.


To gain better business benefits, you need to focus on right business marketing strategies. You marketing approach should be marked with perfection. Any blunder in your marketing plan may lead to serious troubles for your business. So, it’s important to plan and execute the right business marketing strategies to drive effective result.

Are you a business owner, who wish to sight a speedy business growth or trying your best effort still not getting the achievable results?

Well, Digital Marketing definitely boost your business growth.

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How to build an Impactful Resume?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In today’s competitive world, searching a right job is one of the most challenging task that individuals are facing. And the important thing required in searching a perfect job is the material that market the candidates to the organization they wish to work with.

Though the optimist in us likes to believe that our expertise might dominant the catches in the resume but the truth is your resume is more frequently than just the first impression an employer has in knowing who you are and what you can offer to their company. “So, why selling yourself short”! Invest in time to perfect your resume and let it clearly reflect the skills and potential you have, which would be helpful in landing your dream job.

This article will help you knowing some key points to be revamp in your resume to catch employers eye.

Points To Be Consider For Creating An Impressive Resume

Let’s take a look over the points useful in building an impactful resume:

Use Resume Template

While applying for a job, you need to create a resume cover letter. Once you are done with the content information you’ll be adding to your resume, choose a cover letter sample with similar design, fonts and color theme to give a professional appearance to your resume. Make sure to customize each cover letter and resume for every specific job application. There available useful resources having built-in resume templates with preformatted fonts, margins or sections, which let you make the relevant use of your content and showcase your working abilities.

Customize your resume with job posting

Surprised, how it will work in getting your dream job! But, it actually acts as one of the important factor in getting the job opportunities. The recruiters on an average study a resume within just 25 seconds. Companies and recruiters examine the resume for particular keywords & phrases matching their job requirement. Thus, before applying for any job, go through the job description, focus on frequently used keywords & phrases, and insert them in your resume to increase your chances of hiring for the job.

Use Essential and Knowledgeable Information

The recruiters want to evaluate your knowledge and skills for being the potential employee for their company, so it’s important that your skills and experiences in resume should highlight your capabilities to be the perfect match for the applied job. It is suggested to create a ‘master document’ of your work samples, experiences, skills, achievements, etc. It acts as the building blocks and thus making it simple to insert & switch relevant segments to personalize your resume.

Keep your Details Tangible

To create an impactful resume, don’t just follow to copy & paste your past working experiences, instead focus on explaining what you execute in your previous jobs and how you did it. Point out the issues you resolve and the resolution techniques. It is worth to add your significant achievements in your resume, as it helps create a comprehensive image of yours among the recruiters for being the potential employee for their company.

Last Hit

Make sure that your contact details are correct and updated. Also, to create a double impact on recruiters you can add any specific social media networks or any published work samples. Even Professional references can be beneficial to list. Lastly, it’s a good practice to reviewed your resume from any senior, friend or colleagues to get another eyes double recheck the content of your resume.


Resumes are no doubt an essential document for landing your dream job, but it’s important to create an impactful resume that adequately convey your potential to be the future employee to a company. As you resume is perhaps your first and only option to create your first impression on the recruiters, so make it count!

Hopefully all the above mention tips will be helpful for you in creating an impactful resume that can positively convince the job recruiter to consider you in their list of candidates to meet up.

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How digital marketing is beneficial for business growth

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With the skyrocketing growth in the trend of Internet technologies, more and more businesses are getting online to stand high in the competitive market. Businesses are either involving digital plan into their action or developing their existing strategies with digital marketing techniques. It leads to raise the question here that- Why Digital Marketing is important for business growth? Stay tune in with the article to discover the importance of Digital Marketing for businesses.

Before learning the benefits of Digital Marketing, let’s know what the term means:

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a modern marketing technique that involve all the efforts of online marketing. It aims to promote any product or service via digital channels such as Google search, social media, email and website to engage with current and potential customers.

Why Digital Marketing is beneficial for business growth

In today’s tech savvy world, traditional marketing is not just enough for advertising your business. As even the traditional marketing medium like newspaper, TV, banners, radio etc. too are getting online. Then if the mediums are opting online then why not your business.

It’s important for any growing business to have an online presence. It provides businesses an effective way to survive, compete and progress among the competition.

It being an approach of attracting targeted audience online which determine the success or failure rate for any business. Even if your website receives tons of traffic every day, it is countless unless they convert to leads. In today’s digital world, where business and commerce are edging, digital marketing tools give business owners the best possibilities for survival and growing in competitive market.

How Digital Marketing is beneficial for business growth

Digital Marketing has turn out as a primary factor for the growth of any business, be it small or large business. Here are some of the reason that proves that implementing digital marketing is not only a worth investment-wise decision but also an effective marketing technique to help you grow your business.

  • Cost Effective

Initially, startup businesses don’t have frequent capital investment for their overall marketing plan. Digital Marketing act as a better and efficient marketing channel that aid businesses to communicate with audience, convert audience into customers and does it at an affordable cost and swiftly.

  • Digital Marketing enable communication with your audience

The major advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing is that it allows you to communicate with your targeted audience in real time. And engaging with them help you in getting a better understanding of what your audience are looking for. It helps the business owner to make the right strategies and interaction with customer creates the brand loyalty.

  • Build Brand Reputation

If your product/services are relevant to your audience, then it adds value in the reputation of your brand name and increases your customer base. If you delivered the things as promised, then customers build trust in your brand and maintain long term relationships with you. And obviously, if customers are satisfied with your action then they’ll surely share their experience with others. It will open up new potential to grow your business in bigger market.

  • Result in better revenues

A well driven digital marketing campaign leads to high conversions that will benefit your business in concerns of higher revenues. Small and medium businesses are considerably gaining high profit from digital marketing techniques in term of revenue. And the greater revenue growth possibility gives them 3.3 times better chances to grow and expand the business.

  • Provide Better ROI

Digital Marketing surely build up your brand and increase the revenues. It also offers better ROI than traditional marketing methods. As digital marketing activities can be easily track and monitor, one can simply measure the response of targeted audience on any campaign. The goal behind successful digital marketing is to drive constant traffic that ultimately turns into leads. The higher the traffic generated, the quicker you acknowledge your return on investment.

Importance of Digital Marketing for business

In today’s digital age, Internet technologies has become an inevitable element for any business to survive. As digital marketing revolves around internet, it provides your business a digital approach through the internet connected devices such as smart phones, PCs etc. to stay connected with your audience.

Here are some points which highlight the importance of Digital Marketing for your business:

  • 50% of the businesses are already implementing digital marketing techniques
  • 72% marketers stated with Digital Marketing there is an increase in their company revenue by 30%
  • More than 80% of businesses will increases their digital marketing budget that go over the IT budget

Now, as you develop a better understanding over the importance of Digital Marketing for your business, how about knowing some of the key aspects of Digital Marketing that help your business to optimized online presence:

Key Digital Marketing Factors essential for Business Growth

  1. Websites and SEO content
  2. Blogs
  3. Internet banner ads
  4. Online video content
  5. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  6. Email marketing
  7. Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  8. Mobile marketing (SMS, MMS, etc.)

Apart from the mentioned Digital Marketing factors, some latest digital marketing techniques likes augmented reality, artificial intelligence are constantly growing. Let’s take a look at some of the recent trends of digital marketing industry:

Latest Digital Marketing Trend that increase ROI of Business
  1. Influencer Marketing
  2. Content Marketing
  3. App Store Optimization
  4. Big Data Personalization
  5. In-store Marketing
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Live Video Streaming
  8. Site Optimization as per the Wearable Technology
  9. Consumer Engagement Strategy

Digital marketing is a constantly growing marketing technique. It would not be wrong to say here that Digital Marketing will soon become the demand for business existence in market. It not only meets the marketing goal, but also help businesses to engage with their audience which is not any how possible with traditional marketing.

So, Digital Marketing is important, very important for businesses to survive and grow in market.

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Why Should Companies do SEM even if they have great SEO

No doubt, SEO is justifiably famous due to its high potential in convincing the search engines- the algorithms that index your website, that your webpage is most significant for the particular keywords searched by a user. SEO has been the first choice for marketers to drive traffic for years. But while you grow more proficiently, the search engines have become increasingly complex. It is just not enough today to optimize your site once and sit back.

Before discussing the importance and benefits of SEM over SEO, let’s understand what exactly both the terms mean:

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is an online marketing technique to optimize a site to receive more traffic from the search engine result pages.

The objective of SEO is to engage the more relevant audience to your website who are interested in your products or services. Though it’s not a paid process of driving traffic with the search engine, the process of SEO may draw costs, depending upon the competitiveness of the industry you’re targeting.

What is SEM

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It is an internet marketing technique of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. The process increases the visibility of your site in search engine result pages(SERPs) via paid advertisements.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a more advanced technique of placing ads that appear on the top of search results. It is the most preferred tricks used by the marketers nowadays to drive the efficient outcome. It is more liable as sites like Google provide profound insights into the performance of your ads. If you’re not implementing SEM till now in your marketing strategy, consider making it a part of your future marketing campaigns.

Here are some reasons that highlight the importance of SEM over SEO, let’s take a look:


SEO is not ideal for lead generation as its primary role is to increase your website ranking in search results. It means, the process of placing your website is not under your control. You may work on SEO for months, but still not get organic search traffic you desire. Search engines like Google, keep on continually changing their algorithms to make sure that search result couldn’t remain same.

It probably makes SEO a more of a cat and mouse game. Although, SEM is entirely under your control as you select the keywords and pay for the ads.


It’s a bit challenging to measure SEO as a lead generation tool as you never know how many leads came from your SEO efforts. For instance, assume that someone visits your site and signs up as a lead. How would you evaluate that the particular user has found you cold on a search engine, or have searched your site for getting any reference? Feasibly a combination of these factors led the user to reach your site. On the other hand, it is more comfortable and straightforward to measure the number of leads you get from SEM.


SEM is one of the few spaces where clinching a second or even a third place can be as beneficial as the first one. For instance, consider you have an ad on Google. After a week, your ad is frequently showing up in search results in second or third place for the keywords you’ve selected. In that case, you may be required to bid extra money to maintain that top place. The users consider the second and third position ads as serious as they take the first one.


The SEM ads are highly dependable on how well being written. Beside that other factors include how attractive the offers or call-to-action is to that customer looking for that product/service. You can pinch all those things to grab the customer’s attention and measure it up depending on the leads you get. You get more option and approach that you get with the traditional SEO.

To learn the most recent trend of pnline marketing to take your business or career up next level, you should learn the upgraded concept of digital marketing. And as of now, Social Engine Marketing (SEM) is the most popular marketing technique of the internet era.

Social Engine Marketing is a high-demand career, as more and more businesses are getting online to endorse their products or services. Thus, companies are looking out for highly skilled professionals who hold the in-depth knowledge of this domain. Due to high demand in industry, these professionals are offered attractive salary packages by the companies.

Passionate about learning Search engine marketing, but don’t know where to start

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