How YouTube made Nisha Madhulika a Superstar

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Nisha Madhulika Introduction

At the age 55, while most of the ladies prefer to join social clubs and old citizen organizations Nisha Madhulika, begin her career through her recipes blog. She started her food blog and Nisha Madhulika YouTube video channel. She begins shooting the videos of easy to made and delicious food recipes. And within a short span of time, her channel gains incredible popularity among the cooking enthusiasts. Her videos are getting millions of views from around the world. She shares a variety of healthy vegetarian recipes regularly on her channel.

How the Journey of Nisha Madhulika Food Blog Started?


Nisha was a teacher in her former years of life. After that, she worked as the marketing professional in a company, screen printing, and latterly manages finance in her husband’s business.

She was well busy with her job. But after the family shifted from Delhi to Noida, she couldn’t manage to commute & continue her career.

At times residing at home after her husband left for the job, she feels hard to pass her free time, and find daily soaps merely a time waste thing. Instead, she wanted to use her time in a more creative & productive way. That was the time, she felt the urge to start her career but was not sure where to start, when one day she finds her son doing blog writing. She read the blog and find out that people from around the world are writing the blogs as per their interest to reach out to their target audience and making good earnings from these blogs.

She begins writing her first blog with step by step explanation of recipe and include the pictures as well, and ultimately the idea triggered from her passion for cooking to an online business. And, it is how the journey of Nisha Madhulika food blog started.

Way to become a YouTube Star

After gaining ultimate success with the recipe blog, she came up with her official website and Nisha Madhulika YouTube Video channel. She uploaded video recipes on her YouTube channel which is now famous as Nisha Madhulika first video on YouTube and getting a good response from the viewers.

She uploaded her first video in 2011 on her YouTube Channel. After that, the subscriber base for her channel expanded swiftly. And as of now, her YouTube videos are getting millions of views from around the world. There are a total of 772,739 subscribers to her YouTube channel. She is famous by the name of ‘Nisha Aunty Ji’ among her followers. There are subscribers from Africa, Australia, and India on her channel. She is one of the top 5 YouTube Asian stars. She got a total of 236 million views, which means on an average her channel gains 18+ million views per month, which is around 575000 to 625,000 views on a daily basis.

Initially, she was making two dishes per day. She writes the recipe on her blog and uploads the same recipe video on her YouTube channel. In the starting years, her husband shoots her recipe videos, and they hold limited sources at that time. But, as her channel started expanding and she getting great revenues from her channel, she acquired good quality resources & setup and even extended her team by five members.

Now, the team shoots for 2 to 3 videos per week and spending the remaining time in researching and replying to the user comments, queries, and feedback. Responding to user’s questions give her immense peace of mind.

Business Aim of Nisha Madhulika:

Nisha Madhulika has a straight forward business objective. She wanted to take her passion for cooking to teach people simple recipes. She uses simple ingredients in dishes which are very readily available in the kitchen. She explained the method with step by step explanation in Hindi though now on demand of her International followers she added subtitles in her videos. In case the viewers face any difficulty, she further explained it. Nisha Madhulika video channel is a big hit among vegetarian’s food lovers, as it presents natural and healthy vegetarian recipes. Till now her channel has 1,115 recipe videos without onion and garlic. Nisha Madhulika recipes for breakfast are famous on her channel.

Nisha Madhulika Business Strategy

  • Writing recipes in a detailed way with images on
  • Transform her blog into website
  • Created her YouTube channel and start sharing her food video recipes

Achievements from Nisha Madhulika YouTube Video Channel

  • 2, 237, 770 YouTube Subscribers and the figure is expanding every day
  • Around 575,000 to 625,000 average daily views on her videos
  • Earning in millions with YouTube channel
  • Rewarded as Top Chef award by YouTube and have Silver Play Button for her channel


Nisha Madhulika gives her success credit to YouTube for acclaiming the name and fame. She added it’s because of YouTube that she can follow her passion for cooking and be getting loved by millions of followers worldwide.

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