How to make Facebook LIVE a powerful marketing tool?

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The phase of content has been spinning from texts to infographics & videos to real-time streaming for attaining user’s engagement. Brands are continuously making efforts to engage their target audience more swiftly and effectively. And to reach their market goal, most brands are counting on Facebook Live feature for the sake of their marketing strategy.

But, does this content indeed help in marketing your brand? Though the instant content is turning Snapchat, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories to become significant players in targeting their core audiences.

Still uncertain to believe in this specific Facebook marketing tool- it’s obvious!

But, plenty of perks comes up with instant content marketing strategy, which proves to be highly beneficial in endorsing your brand in the online market.

Further revealing some fantastic benefits of Facebook Live for your business, why don’t invest a few seconds in understanding the concept of Facebook Live, so let’s take an introduction to Facebook Live:

 Introduction to Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a real-time video sharing feature introduced by the platform as one more element to Facebook marketing. It offers the users with the fantastic aspect of the live-streaming video. With merely tapping over the live stream icon, you’re able to broadcast live video straight from your smartphone, and even insert the description for your story. All of your followers can tune in to your video.  To end up your video, tap ‘finish’ and it will be completed at that point to be available on your timeline.  You can create your Facebook Live video for upto 30 minutes of duration and can block any specific follower if you want.

Just imagine how amazing to share the Live experience with your followers, and getting responses from their end, making your Facebook Marketing efforts worthwhile.

Still not convinced, no worries! Here is the list of some legal benefits that depicts the power of Live videos for business marketing, let’s go through them:

Benefits of Facebook Live for businesses

  1. Offer Unique Content to your Audience

The biggest thing happens to social media; no doubt is the introduction of active video approach. In 2011, Snapchat came up with the feature of sharing Live video. There onwards, many other social channels and services introducing the benefit of live visual content to their platform, which takes the concept of mobile video to the next level.

And with the most popular social network ‘Facebook’ introduces the Live streaming features, businesses are utilizing it as a Facebook marketing tool to deliver fresh and unique quality content for their audiences.

According to a survey, 81% of total internet user reveals that they prefer to watch more Live video content now than they used to watch priory. Your potential audience is present there, and you need to make the most effective use of social media channels to drive unique content.

With adding Facebook Live strategy to your Facebook marketing plan, you can offer immediate and real-time content experience to your viewers, that’s undoubtedly the best thing. Though companies are still figuring out on how to effectively use Snapchat, Facebook Live give you easy to create original content the time you begin your stream.

To get the most out of your Facebook Live videos, curate the content that your audience is interested in watching. Invest smartly in planning Live content with a call of action, like you plan any other business strategy.

  1. Cost-Efficient Strategy

In regards to social media marketing, businesses are always looking for sort of cost-effective approach. With the emerging trend of video marketing, it becomes difficult to maintain the settled budget to provide attractive and attention seeking content to viewers.

Though, Facebook Live emerged as an alternative to it. Now users more adore the live and unedited access to Facebook Live videos. It limits your expending’s of fancy camera, background designing and even the editing skills. It’s just about capturing the live moments.

All you need to have a smartphone and start posting content to the Facebook feed. Make sure your content does not comprise with quality. It means, with your cost-effective recording, you need to work over the relevancy of the content which your viewers are actively looking.

Though, Facebook Live is not preferable for every sort of video content on your brand page. Try using it for announcing updates for your new products, any company news, highlighting features of pre-launched products etc. to arouse a sense of excitement among people.

  1. Freedom to directly communicate with your target audience

One of the fantastic benefits that come up with Facebook Live feature for brands is the direct approach to their audience. Brands are making use of Facebook Live to conduct an active Question and Answer session, without much investment in it.

Most brands are opting to go Live with Facebook streaming and asking real-time queries related to their product, service or industry. Audiences can answer those questions, and even provide suggestions and advice instantly. Thus, creating an engagement bond between the brand and their audience in real time. Additionally, it gives businesses the opportunity to reply and engage in an effective manner with their audiences.

This sort of connecting session with your audience, help in gaining their trust and loyalty for your brand. Your audience starts believing in your brand and talking about it in their social circle. Thus, your audience becomes your promoter, and Promotion is what the ultimate motto of your business.


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