How to become a Google AdWords Certified Professional?

become a google adwords

Being a Digital marketing professional, be it a Search marketing, Paid Advertising, SEO or either Influencer Marketing, you must have come across the term Google AdWords. Now the question raises

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a Pay Per Click plan of Google, where marketers bid on specific keywords in order to get their clickable ads to appear on Google’s search result.

There are great career opportunities after becoming a Google AdWords Experts (even for the beginners). The best way to showcase your AdWords proficiency is attempting the Google AdWords Exam and get certified from Google for your skill.

Now, the most common query among folks is that How to Become a Google AdWords Certifies Professional?

In this article, you’ll get to know how to get Google AdWords Certification and what is the process to join the program.

Google AdWords Certification is a test to measure the ability of search marketer in Google AdWords. It will definitely add advantage to your profile, as companies are now preferring candidates who have depth knowledge of Google AdWords. By becoming a Google AdWords Certified professional, one can easily earn in 7-digits salary from companies.

How to become a Google AdWords Certified Professional?

To become a Certified Google AdWords Professional, follow the steps mention in this article. Let’s take a look at it:

  1. What is Google AdWords Exam

There are two examination include in Google AdWords Exam, and after you clear both the exam, you’ll become an AdWords Certification Search Marketing Professional. Below mention are the two exams that you need to pass to get certification.

Google AdWords Exams

  1. AdWords Fundamentals
  2. The second exam should be one, mention below:
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising

Once you passed these two exams, you’ll be a certified AdWords expert. There are no charges to appear for this exam, but the certificate you get will be valid for 12 months only. Afterwards, you need to reappear for the exam to maintain your AdWords certified status.

  • The AdWords Fundamental Exam consists of 100 questions with time limit of 120 minutes
  • The additional exams consist of 70 questions with time limit of 90 minutes
  • To clear the exam, you must need to score 80% in each exam. In case you get below 80%, you have 7 days to retake the exam
  • You get a personalized certificate as well as a Google Partners profile page enlist your certification after passing the exam.
  1. How to Sign-up for Google AdWords Exam

The given steps will guide you on how to sign-up for your Google AdWords exam, so let’s take a look over it:

  1. Sign in to Google Partners
  • Firstly, you need to sign up for Google Partners
  • Anyone (agency or individual) who can manage AdWords accounts can sign up here
  1. Navigate to Certifications and choose AdWords

How to take your Google AdWords Exam

  • After signing into Google Partners, click on the Certifications tab onthe left-hand side of the screen
  • Under that, select AdWords

3. Take the Test

  • Now you can take your Google AdWords Exams
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection and you can take your test
  • You have to select exam under the AdWords Exams section, and click on “Take exam”
  1. For the Next Exam of Your Choice, Repeat the Process
  • You have to start with the Google AdWords Fundamental Exam and afterwards you can take each exam by repeating the same procedure
  • You are permitted to take any one of the corresponding tests to become certified, but it is beneficial to consider the area of advertising that acquire your interest.
  • For example, if you are into e-commerce space, then go for shopping Google AdWords Exam (it will benefit you the most)
  • Once you clear the Google AdWords Fundamental Exam and one of the Corresponding Tests, you would become AdWords Certified

Benefit of Google AdWords Certification

Google AdWords Certification will ensure you with a rewarding career growth as a Search Marketing Experts, as companies give preference to those professionals who are AdWords certified. Belo are some of the benefits that Google AdWords Certification can provide you:

  • If you’re a PPC specialist or Search Marketing Professional, then Google AdWords Certification is highly beneficial for you to enhance your skills that would add value to your resume
  • When your clients get to know that you’re a certified Google AdWords Professional, there are more positive chances for them to get associated with you
  • It adds value to your conversations with leads and customers
  • It strengthens your validity in front of your employers
  • It will enhance your competency level that result in double folds your current clients
  • It gives you free promotion, as you can use this certificate as social proof to gain more credibility and drive more sales with much better value proposition

This blog would definitely help you understand how Google AdWords Exam is conducted and how you can clear it in first attempt to become a master.

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