Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization

  1. Basics of SEO

    • The meaning and utility of SEO
    • Introduction to SERP
    • Understanding different types of Search Engines and their scope
    • Grasping the basics of how search engines work
    • Major functions of a search engine
    • What is Traffic
    • Different Types of Traffic
    • Evaluating the target niche
  2. On Page Optimization

    • Different Type of Keywords
    • Planning keywords for home page, Blog and other pages
    • Keyword planning, research, Optimization mix & density
    • Keyword Stuffing vs Keyword Placement
    • Keyword Research using Google Instant, Ubersuggest, and Google Keyword Planner Tool
    • Internal Linking
    • Creating Meta, Title, Header Tags etc. for SEO
    • Website Verification and Google Webmaster tool
    • Sitemap creation and submission in website & webmasters tool
    • Rich snippets and Data markup using Google Webmaster Tool
    • Use of FTP
    • Website Speed Optimization
    • Optimizing the website for Crawling & Indexing
    • Anchor Text
    • URL Code & URL Optimization
    • Alt Tags for Images
    • Content Guidelines for different pages
  3. Off Page Optimization

    • What is Page Rank and how to increase the Page Rank?
    • What is domain Age?
    • What is Domain Authority and how to increase the Domain Authority?
    • What is Page Authority and how to increase the Page Authority?
    • What is Spam Score and how to avoid spam?
    • What are back links?
    • Types of backlinks
    • Link building and their importance
    • Link opportunity prospecting & creating link baits
  4. Link building strategies for your business:

    • Easy link acquisition techniques
    • Do's and Dont's of link building
    • Content Dissemination
    • Use of Social media in link building
    • Link Juice: Its significance and utility
    • Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO
    • Blogs and guest Posts
    • Directory, Article, Blog, Infographics, PR submissions
  5. Local SEO

    • Google Businesses & Maps
    • Google places optimization
    • Classified submissions
    • Using H card
    • Citations
    • NAP (Name Address Place)
  6. Google Algorithms and updates: Optimization and Recovery

    • What is Humming bird Algorithm?
    • What is Google Panda Algorithm?
    • What is Google Penguin?
    • What is Google EMO Update?
    • How to recover your site from Panda, Penguin and EMO?
    • Map-Reduce framework
    • How to optimize your site for Google Hummingbird Algorithm?
  7. SEO Tools (Free and Paid)

    • Google Keyword Planner Tool
    • Google Instant
    • Uber suggest
    • What is Google?
    • Screaming Frog
    • Long Tail Pro
    • SEO Moz

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