PPC and SEM Marketing

PPC and SEM Marketing

PPC and SEM Marketing

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  1. PPC & SEM Basics

    • What do inorganic search results mean and why are they important
    • Understand ppc Advertising: Tips & Tricks
    • How to set up google Adwords account and grasping its essence
    • Adwords account structure -> Campaign, Ad groups, Ads, Keywords
    • Different Types of advertisement campaigns
    • Adwords Algorithm - What is adword rank & how it ranks
    • Basics Of Quality score
    • Click-through rate(CTR): Importance for Online advertising
    • Tipps for Bidding: Building Competency
  2. Campaign creation & management

    • Create the right Search Campaigns
    • How to place online advertising
    • Target Search Engine Quaries
    • Matching the Right Queries
    • Basics of Campaign Llevel Setting
    • How to Implement location Targeting
    • CPC- The Core of bidding strategy for right target audience
    • Bidding Strategies: Mannual and Auto
    • CPA: Optimal Way for Online Advertising
    • How to keep your Bid Strategy flexible
    • Ad Extensions: Location, Call and sitelink Extensions
    • Creating Ads: How to advertise Online With a compelling ad copy
    • Singal ad group model(SKAG)
    • Creating your first search campaign live
    • Understanding the ad matrics
    • How to play with display & Destination URLs
    • How to write a compelling ad copy

    Tracking ROI

    • Importance of conversion tracking
    • How to set up a conversion tracking
    • Evaluating the statistics
    • Adding tracking code
    • Digital Marketing Course Curriculum
  3. Optimizing Search Campaigns

    • How to optimize your first campaign
    • Importance to CTR in optimization
    • How to increase the quality score
    • How to optimize CPC
    • Display network targeting
    • Searching for keywords that convert to sales
    • How to increase bids for best performing keywords
    • Search query report
    • Excluding user locations
    • Use of review extensions
    • Call-to-action Ad copies
    • Results for mobile devices with full browsers vs. computers and tablets
    • Evaluation of Ad Campaign Statistics
    • Analyzing competitor’s performance
    • Investigation Fraud clicks

    Display Campaign Creation

    • Different types of display campaigning and their target audience
    • Engagement and re-marketing
    • Creation of different Ad Groups
    • Ad-scheduling and delivery
    • Use of display planner tool
    • Organising text ads
    • Uploading banner ads


    • What is remarketing
    • Setting up an account of remarketing
    • Tailored ads and bring back indecisive customers adding custom parameters,
    • Creating a feed and delivering customized, higher-performance ads.
    • Advance list creation
    • Overview of my client centre

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