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Date 30th May, 2020(sat)
Time: 11AM to 12:30PM(IST/GMT +5:30)

Key Takeaways

  • Latest up to date course content via online learning platform.
  • Globally recognized digital marketing certification.
  • Professional guidance & enhancement guaranteed.
  • Latest content and tools to keep you ahead of the game.
  • Connect with global members in the SkillzLearn community.
  • Access to a network of start-ups & multinational companies.

Session Agenda

This digital marketing webinar equips you with advanced digital marketing skills. Develop critical thinking and learn how to meet any challenge the game throws up. The digital marketing strategy workshop modules are building blocks of the digital marketing game.

Reap the benefits of a complete digital marketing course wrapped smartly in the form of a short-term Digital marketing webinar.

Who Should Attend?



Advertising & Marketing Professionals



Digital Marketing Professionals

Web Strategists

About The Authors

About The Authors

Vivek is a well-renowned expert in the field of digital marketing, with more than a decade of experience under his belt. Having mentored over 5000 professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers and students alike, his expertise is vast and unparalleled. He is a pioneer in his field, having aided over 100 clients in designing campaigns and brands, based in over 8 countries around the globe.

Differentiate yourself from your competition with this digital marketing seminar. Attending this digital summit conference entitles you to an advanced globally recognized certification. Become a trusted thought leader in your area of digital marketing. Enhance your skills in digital marketing in this strategically designed digital marketing conference. SkillzLearn internet marketing workshop is designed to grow and nurture your customers & perfect for people who don’t want to play the digital marketing game but aspire to drive it. SkillzLearn digital marketing strategy workshop provides you the thinking tools to become a leading player on the digital stage.

  • Assignment of a Mentor uniquely suited to your background & skill-set.
  • Learn to tackle real-world problems
  • No commuting to a classroom. Completely online sessions.
  • Strategies involved in driving successful campaigns
  • Hands-on projects and practical advice
  • An inspiring community of mentors and peers

Through this digital marketing webinar, you can interact with online trend-spotters & get equipped with trendy insights and great opportunities. We hold discussions with industry experts and use the knowledge to create the best digital marketing seminars. With flexible timings, the classes fits your schedule. Diverse perspectives in digital marketing conferences generate better learning outcomes. Content is curated by industry experts and updated continuously to reflect new technologies and trends. Project-based assignments help you apply lessons to real-world scenarios. SkillzLearn digital marketing workshop does not just offer a course. You join a community.

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