Is Digital marketing course Useful?

What do companies want?
Each company has different goals in mind. A constant factor among all companies globally, is to reach maximum number of audiences who would be interested in their product or service and convincing them to purchase.

What should they do?
Tin order to do this, it is common sense to know that the companies have to utilize the best marketing resources and technologies .In today’s world, the prospects are online. So companies need to reach their audience online, on the internet. This makes every business require digital marketing.

What are the benefits of digital marketing?
Before investing in digital marketing, you need to understand the benefits of digital marketing for businesses.

1. Affordability

The investment to run advertisements online are less expensive than conventional techniques.

2. Mobile Usage

According to a recent study, global mobile population amounted to 4 billion unique users.
These people are likely to use that device for news, social networking, and other reasons. Digital marketing helps you put your product or service in front of them while they carry on with their favourite activities.

3. Flexibility

Digital marketing involves creative and various forms of marketing such as content marketing, social media posts, ppc ads , video and more. Digital marketers have the flexibility of testing, experimenting and tweaking strategies.

4. Multimedia

Study shows us that customers tend to engage and prefer marketing materials that combine multiple types of content. Content that includes images, video, and audio. This is very easy to incorporate in digital marketing.

5. Interactivity

Another advantage of digital marketing is it allows us to communicate directly with our customers through comments, messages, and social media posts. It is important to interact with your customers regularly to show that you care. It also allows you to gather information on customers’  preferences.

6. Tracking

This tool is one of the major factor that has made digital marketing a preferred mode of marketing. You can track and monitor prospects and customer activities. This opens up huge possibilities. You can gather data, analyse and set strategies that will help you succeed.

7. Brand Authority

Through digital marketing, you can build authority by releasing information and content to your audience. You can show them that they can trust you and can make a purchase from you. makes it easy to comment on issues and controversies that relate to your product or your industry. It helps your brand speak with authority and be looked upon as an industry expert.

8. Respond to trends in real-time.

Incorporating digital marketing helps your company leverage on consumer responses to current events, trends, and new technologies. By continuous monitoring and analysing on trending platforms and content,brands can increase their reach.

For instance, brands utilize social media platforms such as instagram to reach younger audience with beautiful images and posts that are trending.

9. Customer relationships

Digital marketing allows companies to build better customer relationships. We are aware that through traditional marketing , we can only manage one-way communication with the customers. The big advantage of digital marketing is it allows for two-way communication.

Social media, when used in the right way,is a great tool for building and retaining customer relationships. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow brands to communicate with customers and engage them to build trust.

Before digital marketing, marketing and advertising campaigns involved planning and running advertisements on television , radio and newspapers. It also involved running campaigns on billboards (OOH ).But as more and more people spent their time online, businesses now can reach and connect to people who were impossible to reach with traditional marketing.

Who should learn Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing for Students:

Students who love social media , writing , creativity, designing,  and who love marketing need to be skilled in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing for Working Professionals:

Professionals who are seeking for better growth opportunities and are looking to upskill in this competitive world, can learn digital marketing techniques.

People Who Want to Make Money Online:

For various reasons, people will want to work from home. The easiest and the safest way is to learn digital marketing techniques. Once you learn the techniques, you can start making money online with just a laptop.

Entrepreneurs who want to use digital marketing to grow

Entrepreneurs are multi-taskers. They love to learn,explore and implement. It has become so convenient to learn digital marketing online, that entrepreneurs equip themselves with this much needed skill.

How Do I Get Started?

It is simple. There are good courses online that help you upskill at your convenience. Hence if you are working then you can take up these courses online at your convenience. It is recommended you do your research before opting for a course. Skillzlearn conducts online digital marketing bootcamps globally. The course provides students with live projects which is definitely starts him/her on a higher rung in the career ladder.

McKinley reported that around 90% of all marketing roles require some form of digital marketing experience or analytical abilities.

Digital marketing includes graphic design, search engine optimization, and video marketing to web development, content creation, and everything else related too!

So choose the sector that you enjoy.

Case studies: How digital marketing has helped marketers, businesses and others?

Brand: Dove

Campaign: Self-Esteem Campaign

Platforms Used: Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Dove Website

What was the campaign about?

It has become very common nowadays for brands to talk about self-esteem to address their consumers. But Dove was one of the first brands to introduce this.

Dove has managed to successfully integrate the concept as the mission of the brand. The brand started a research on self-esteem and has used the research material on traditional and digital mediums of advertising.

If you have got a chance to browse through their website, you will find valuable information on self-esteem, bullying and more.

Dove has been a pioneer in hashtag campaigns such as #RealBeauty, #NoLikesNeeded and #SpeakBeautiful that has touched a chord in most women consumers. Dove was endorsing inner beauty. That was the need of the other. This was something the competitors had never thought off.

The brand went one step further, and stopped photo shopping the women in the ads. This was taken very well by women across the globe.

Secret behind the success

The brand did not speak about their product or about how good it is. They captured the emotions and the feelings of the majority of their consumers who saw this as a refreshing change.

What you can learn

It is important to address the pain your consumers are going through. If you are able to capture this, then you have a hit campaign. Show your audience, you care.

Brand: Oreo

Campaign: Dunk in the Dark

Platform used: Twitter

What was the campaign about?

Do you remember the moment, when the power went out in the Superdome? Now , the digital marketing team associated with Oreo , came up with an idea to make good use of this situation. That too in a few minutes!

The tagline used was “ You can still Dunk in the Dark

Secret behind the success

The Oreo tweet was retweeted 10,000 times in the first hour it went live.

It was a defining moment in social marketing. Oreo captured the moment when it was ripe.Many other brands followed soon.

What you can learn?

So did the campaign just take off because of the power failure? No, in fact the team had been working for years to come up with a brilliant campaign for Oreo’s 100th anniversary. The brilliant marketing knew how to seize an opportunity and acted upon it within minutes.

Brand: Coca-Cola

Campaign: Share a Coke

What was the campaign about?

Coca Cola used personalization in their campaign to get everybody talking about their brand. The brand started a campaign that was named “ Share a Coke “. It was born in Australia. They did a simple experiment by adding  around 100 common names on bottles. Then ran a huge campaign encouraging people to share a Coke with people with those names put on the bottles.Many brands to this day have copied this concept from the Coca Cola brand.

The campaign went viral. It resulted in  250 million bottles and cans being sold in a very short time.The campaign was soon rolled out to other locations.

Future of Digital Marketing

  • Artificial Intelligence

Search engine marketing, is the marketing technique of generating web traffic by buying advertisements on search engines. Marketers pay every time their ad is clicked on. Now the future will involve artificial intelligence to increase ROI with laser targeting.It uses data to show the right ad to the right people at the right time.

  • Voice automation

More and more people seem to be befriending Siri, Alexa or the Google assistant. The user can directly speak to the device and that makes it more convenient than having to do a task such as type or call. The marketers have to incorporate in all their marketing strategies,sooner the better.

  • Content : Personalization

The availability of in-depth and precise consumer information, personalised content will bring in results like never before. An individual’s attention is always drawn towards something that she can relate to . Any good marketing plan would revolve around customer preferences and providing content that would be the key to customer loyalty.

Why Skillzlearn among so many others?

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Student community

Opportunity to Interact with batchmates and alumni in our exclusive private student community. Consult your peer group and use their successful strategies to start and grow your digital marketing career.

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