Seven amazing Benefits of YouTube to your Business

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The fame of many artists, comedians, and celebrities have demonstrated the ultimate power of video marketing who initiated their journey from the video platform- YouTube. Some of the well-known name included in this list is Justin Bieber, the youth sensation & the actress Kate Upton that outlined the potential of the video advertisement.

YouTube Marketing has significant benefits for businesses, especially for small business. Small firms can undoubtedly extend their reach by implementing the right YouTube Marketing strategy for their business.

Below listed some extraordinary benefits of YouTube Marketing for small businesses, let’s take a look at these points:

Benefit of YouTube for Businesses

  1. Catch Attention

A well-executed YouTube video can quickly capture the attention of people. Brands are getting an extraordinary response regarding reaching their target audience. According to a YouTube statistic, people on YouTube views millions of hours of videos per day. There uploaded a likely of 300 hours of videos each minute over YouTube.

  1. Huge Traffic

There are 1 billion+ subscribers present on YouTube & the figure has been firmly rising by 50% every year. YouTube offers the outstanding opportunity for brands to reach out to millions of users that all can probably be your prospective customers.

YouTube does not only provide businesses a profitable content distribution strategy, yet the reach is further more than that of a conventional television or another ad display medium.

  1. Viral Marketing

The Video platform- YouTube, provides the advantage of viral marketing for businesses. YouTube videos can be embedded easily in social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Viewers keep on sharing these videos with family, friends, and colleagues via this medium, and this is how the videos continued to be overspread, driving more reach and engagement for your business.

  1. Gaining Recognition


YouTube videos, no doubt is a robust online marketing technique for any brand.  The extensive involvement & recognition asset offered by the platform makes it the ideal place for businesses to promoting their products/services.

Any small or medium businesses can be benefited with YouTube’s video suggestion or by shares. This feature makes the effort of video marketing certainly more successful for businesses.

  1. High Rankings on Search Engines

YouTube is own by Google. Google attained the social network giant to extend its broad influential search & online presence over social media. When implemented together, it proves to be the most potent and far-reaching social media marketing technique. It’s for the reason as YouTube videos ranked consistently high at Google’s SERPs.

  1. Global Accessibility

YouTube videos are creating a buzz world-widely. One can easily access it anywhere with an internet accessed device such as laptop or smartphones. In fact, half of the views on videos comes from smartphone devices. There are 61 languages supported by YouTube & been operated in 75 countries. As per a survey report, a YouTube video take away 60% views from outside nations. Due to this availability of reach and shares on videos, there is a potential opportunity to showcase your products/services video on YouTube with 24*7 base availability every day.

  1. Offer a variety of options for the audience

With YouTube videos, you can provide your audience an array of means to get information, which ranges from the text, video demonstrations, and audio clips. It results in increasing your overall engagement for the video, as users find it interesting to consume information via a different medium.


Hope, this article has given you the brief overview of the advantages of marketing your business on YouTube. Make sure to include videos in your marketing strategy to expand your business swiftly. YouTube videos provide a medium for users to enroll with the content which so far couldn’t be possible with an eBook or guide.

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The Fundamental YouTube Video Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs in 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You might still remember the famous Pepsi Max ad that goes viral over YouTube and catches millions of attentions. The beverage brand Pepsi executed an unbelievable video campaign at the bus stop in London that surprise and delights the Londoners with the Augmented Reality.

In this fantastic campaign, the people on the bus stop observe some incredible and surrealistic scenarios, as of the New Oxford Street is occupied by computer-generated flying-saucers, the giant robot with the laser eye and a lot more.

Because of the use of the superior quality of HD camera, the public considers it as a glass window and thus are shocked, surprised, and enlivened by the scene.

You can have a look at this unique video that goes viral on YouTube.

This video is a big example that depicts the power of Video Marketing. This article focuses on the importance of YouTube Video Marketing for small businesses to boost their brand.

Let’s dive in.

How YouTube Marketing is Important for Entrepreneurs

YouTube Marketing or Video Marketing is creating a buzz among entrepreneurs in today’s time, and the reason is good. As per a Cisco report, the video content will be accounting for 80% of the online traffic by the year 2019. As of now, a large number of people in the world are using the internet on daily basis, which accumulates to a great extent of online traffic.

No doubt, with the rise in the trend of video content, more and more businesses are integrating the videos in their business marketing plan to expand their brand awareness, driving significant traffic to the site, and ultimately achieving sales goal. Most of the entrepreneurs have already understood the urge of video marketing and thus successfully heading their business to the next level.

Businesses are generating a significant amount of revenue via the traffic from their YouTube videos.

So, the video is a useful marketing technique.

If you’re still not integrating videos into your marketing strategies, then you might be missing a considerable extent of traffic and potential customers for your business.

How YouTube videos can benefit your business

Though most of the social media channels support the concept of creating and sharing of videos YouTube is one of the top platforms for creating & sharing video content over the internet, and it’s the second largest search engine after Google.

The advantage of Integrating Videos over YouTube channel:

Traffic-With the presence of 1 billion+ people, the video platform YouTube proceed above 3 billion quest per month, which itself is more traffic than the combined of Yahoo!, Ask, Bing and AOL.

  • Website Engagement: As per a Shareaholic report, users who redirect to a site through YouTube stay for a long time on the website, view multiple pages, and more importantly have low bounce rates as compares to another social channel.

  • Google Search: As YouTube is a product of the popular search engine Google, so there will display a few videos from YouTube in Google’s top ten search result.

  • Re-purpose content: You can easily repurpose your different content format on YouTube as of blogs or even podcast episodes in the form of videos. Your viewers will indeed have relished it.

  • Advertisement: If your ROI is diminishing from other advertisement platforms, then YouTube’s video is a big shot. The best thing about YouTube ‘s video ad is that you pay at times only when someone engages with the ad


  • Sharing Video: The videos on YouTube are easily shareable. You can easily embed the videos from the YouTube channel in Facebook Posts, tweets, and even in blogs, and the entire video views will display on your channel.

The most benefited videos categories on YouTube are the following:

#1. Educational Video–  helpful in understanding a specific subject

#2. Inspirational Video– which tugged your heart and encourages to take the particular action

#3. Entertaining video– drive your attention and meant for enjoying


Remember, that the ultimate goal of your video marketing strategy is to boost the sales of your product and services, which means that you need to advertise it to as many viewers as you can and for that, your videos need to be highly attractive and engaging to target your audience.

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How YouTube made Nisha Madhulika a Superstar


Nisha Madhulika Introduction

At the age 55, while most of the ladies prefer to join social clubs and old citizen organizations Nisha Madhulika, begin her career through her recipes blog. She started her food blog and Nisha Madhulika YouTube video channel. She begins shooting the videos of easy to made and delicious food recipes. And within a short span of time, her channel gains incredible popularity among the cooking enthusiasts. Her videos are getting millions of views from around the world. She shares a variety of healthy vegetarian recipes regularly on her channel.

How the Journey of Nisha Madhulika Food Blog Started?


Nisha was a teacher in her former years of life. After that, she worked as the marketing professional in a company, screen printing, and latterly manages finance in her husband’s business.

She was well busy with her job. But after the family shifted from Delhi to Noida, she couldn’t manage to commute & continue her career.

At times residing at home after her husband left for the job, she feels hard to pass her free time, and find daily soaps merely a time waste thing. Instead, she wanted to use her time in a more creative & productive way. That was the time, she felt the urge to start her career but was not sure where to start, when one day she finds her son doing blog writing. She read the blog and find out that people from around the world are writing the blogs as per their interest to reach out to their target audience and making good earnings from these blogs.

She begins writing her first blog with step by step explanation of recipe and include the pictures as well, and ultimately the idea triggered from her passion for cooking to an online business. And, it is how the journey of Nisha Madhulika food blog started.

Way to become a YouTube Star

After gaining ultimate success with the recipe blog, she came up with her official website and Nisha Madhulika YouTube Video channel. She uploaded video recipes on her YouTube channel which is now famous as Nisha Madhulika first video on YouTube and getting a good response from the viewers.

She uploaded her first video in 2011 on her YouTube Channel. After that, the subscriber base for her channel expanded swiftly. And as of now, her YouTube videos are getting millions of views from around the world. There are a total of 772,739 subscribers to her YouTube channel. She is famous by the name of ‘Nisha Aunty Ji’ among her followers. There are subscribers from Africa, Australia, and India on her channel. She is one of the top 5 YouTube Asian stars. She got a total of 236 million views, which means on an average her channel gains 18+ million views per month, which is around 575000 to 625,000 views on a daily basis.

Initially, she was making two dishes per day. She writes the recipe on her blog and uploads the same recipe video on her YouTube channel. In the starting years, her husband shoots her recipe videos, and they hold limited sources at that time. But, as her channel started expanding and she getting great revenues from her channel, she acquired good quality resources & setup and even extended her team by five members.

Now, the team shoots for 2 to 3 videos per week and spending the remaining time in researching and replying to the user comments, queries, and feedback. Responding to user’s questions give her immense peace of mind.

Business Aim of Nisha Madhulika:

Nisha Madhulika has a straight forward business objective. She wanted to take her passion for cooking to teach people simple recipes. She uses simple ingredients in dishes which are very readily available in the kitchen. She explained the method with step by step explanation in Hindi though now on demand of her International followers she added subtitles in her videos. In case the viewers face any difficulty, she further explained it. Nisha Madhulika video channel is a big hit among vegetarian’s food lovers, as it presents natural and healthy vegetarian recipes. Till now her channel has 1,115 recipe videos without onion and garlic. Nisha Madhulika recipes for breakfast are famous on her channel.

Nisha Madhulika Business Strategy

  • Writing recipes in a detailed way with images on
  • Transform her blog into website
  • Created her YouTube channel and start sharing her food video recipes

Achievements from Nisha Madhulika YouTube Video Channel

  • 2, 237, 770 YouTube Subscribers and the figure is expanding every day
  • Around 575,000 to 625,000 average daily views on her videos
  • Earning in millions with YouTube channel
  • Rewarded as Top Chef award by YouTube and have Silver Play Button for her channel


Nisha Madhulika gives her success credit to YouTube for acclaiming the name and fame. She added it’s because of YouTube that she can follow her passion for cooking and be getting loved by millions of followers worldwide.

You can also take your passion into a full time earning source by creating your own YouTube channel. But before starting a YouTube channel, one needs to know some fundamentals of running a successful YouTube channel.

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Top SEO Ranking Factors to consider in 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With every coming year, Google gifted us its new ranking factors. As of,

  • In the year 2014, http was the ranking aspect
  • In the year 2015, the concept of mobile usability was the ranking aspect
  • Afterward, the year 2016 alter content development, and in the process, RankBrain came into existence
  • Then, in the year 2017, urge for great http sites was the ranking factor
  • And now in the year 2018, the speed rate of the mobile page seems the next significant ranking aspect for ranking

Along with all these ranking aspects, “awesomeness’ is the fundamental element to rank high on Google.

But, with the presence of 1 billion+ website on the internet today, what it requires to create awesomeness?

Though, these ranking elements are undoubtedly crafted to offer a better and fantastic user experience.

As Google examining websites based on several ranking factors, having a clear understanding of where to best focus on your strategy is the biggest challenge in 2018.

But you know what, the good news is that these ranking factors will keep on modifying to shape up for the user.

It signifies that the latest SEO trends surviving today have their origin in the new algorithm and with adding up a bit of creativity and tech-savvy approach, the process of ranking high in a search engine will be readily achievable in 2018.

This article helps you to get a brief exposure to the top SEO ranking factors which are essential in 2018. Let’s take a look at these factors:

Top SEO Ranking factors of 2018

Below mention few of the top SEO practice you should consider ranking high in search engines in 2018:

  1. Web page based keywords and content measurement– If your web pages are not relevant for user query- and most importantly if it doesn’t conclude the user’s intent individually- you can’t rank. Most of the small and medium-sized businesses are implementing a content management structure to make the process easier. It won’t matter if you publish more, until and unless it’s not optimized accordingly.
  2. Dwell Time and long click measures– If a user visited your site and instantly goes back to Google, signifies that your site doesn’t fulfill the visitor’s intention and need re-evaluation. It means that your site is not compatible to give the user their relevant search result. So, its high time to accurately demonstrate your site from the user’s point of view.
  3. Real Business Information– Providing your company’s tangible and updated information is an important SEO ranking factor. It is beneficial for businesses that are targeting specific local areas. Absence and presence of your company’s information matters in your ranking parameters.

So, it’s crucial to add this specific information to your website:

  • Company’s name, address and contact number
  • Accurate location on Google map
  • Your business listing on Google My Business and company’s social media pages
  • Company Reviews
  1. Mobile optimized websites –Mobile optimization has now become a prerequisite factor to rank high on Google. Additionally, mobile-optimized sites have high chances of getting more buy-in. If your website is not mobile responsive in 2018, then you might on the tail end of laggard’s phase and missing great benefits on your ROI without a mobile-accessible website.
  2. Loading Speed of Web pages– If a user visits your site, but it takes a sufficient amount of time for your site to load, then the user will leave your site and reach out to some of your competitor’s site. It increases the bounce rate of your website as well as negatively affect your brand’s image. A poor UX can cost you with a massive loss of revenue if the users need to wait too long to access your site.
  3. The originality of content across your site– Duplication of material over your place can adversely affect the ranking process of your website. It could have led to cannibalization, so its recommended to make good use of your crawl budget. With some latest CMS systems, you can quickly tackle this issue.
  4. Backlinks– Backlinks, no doubt is considered to be one of the most potent ranking factors in Google’s search algorithm. More the links from multiple domains, higher the chances of ranking for your top keywords. You need to pay attention to your backlink profiles to rank high on search engines.


When executed correctly, a good SEO practice holds the power to take your business to the next level. You will be going to see a significant impact on online marketing strategies in 2018. With recent updates in algorithms, Google is giving more priority to sites with quality content and excellent user experience. Additionally, Google decides the ranking of sites on the parameter of user’s interaction with your site content.

Master the art of SEO to boost your business growth. And how about learning the smart tricks of online marketing from the industry experts.

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Top Benefits of Blogging Career

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There comes a time in everyone’s professional phase where you got annoyed with your routine work life and started looking for new things that excite you and give freedom beside that typical 9-5 job. The trendiest and rewarding alternative to it is ‘PROFESSIONAL BLOGGING’.

For some people, Blogging is an easy fun hobby, and they merely won it. But, taking this to be a professional career requires a bit more efforts. You need to consider it as your business and give your best time to accomplish your passion.

Though, you need to be familiar with the fact that- empires don’t build in one day, and similarly the best piece of your blogs doesn’t be written in a single day. It requires months of your efforts to get perpetual in your niche, the best way to advertise your blogs online, and increase the readership rate. If your determination is secure enough in taking your passion for blogging as your primary income source, it must need to be reasonably accessible. And it will surely not be an easy task.

But, you must agree with the fact that that ‘Without hard work and discipline it is difficult to be a top professional’. Even though, Bloggers profession has a far better positive side and comes up with some favourable benefits. Some of the most important benefits of this profession are listed below:

Benefits of becoming a Professional Blogger

  1. Freedom to Work

Being working as a Blogger, you aren’t bound to be present at any particular place for any specific time. You have the freedom to work when you want, or at a time you get inspired by an idea.

  1. Exposure to infinite knowledge

While working in a specific professional arena, you’re learning knowledge is being restricted to that particular domain only. But when it comes to Blogging, it is not the case- to frequently engage your readers, you have to provide the exciting and relevant information every time. And to share something fresh, you require to be highly versatile and attain new knowledge each time.

  1. Not restricted by Location

With having an internet enabled device, you are ready to go ahead in the process of writing your blog posts. You have the freedom to write at your preferred restaurant, in bed, or even while during your vacation trip- ultimately depends on your choice.

  1. Flexibility to choose your connections

While working in corporate offices, you haven’t get the choice to choose your boss or colleagues. You need to follow the official rules, willingly or unwillingly. But with the blogosphere, you get to find a lot of exciting professionals in your network. You can make connections with them & even share the experiences with those professionals. In case you are bothered with somebody, you have the choice to avoid them anytime.

  1. Be the Boss

The world of Blogging had some specific advantage and disadvantage of its own depending on your working ability. The one constraint reside is to yourself only. For becoming a professional blogger, you need to regulate your time accordingly, create an effective business plan, plan your marketing strategy. You make your targets and prepare the way to achieve it. So, you are only responsible for the success rate for your career as a blogger.

  1. Getting Fame

To be raised as a proficient voice in your writing circle is a significant achievement. This recognition is a commitment of all your hard work and efforts and adds up to your determination and success. And gaining attention for your work is more worthwhile than anything else.

  1. Getting major event invitations and free product samples

Nowadays, event planners are more keen in the making their events noted and advertised online.  If your idea is honoured as a blogger and hold a sufficient followers base, the organizers will make sure to bring you to an event to share your thoughts with your followers. Additionally, companies offer free product samples to the bloggers to get in return review on their samples.

  1. You empower your creativity

Generally, in workplaces, you require to follow a hierarchy of specific rules assigned to every task. But, blogging comes with limitless exposure. You can provide every sort of information you find relevant from your reader’s point of view. It may include funny videos, odd story, images, or anything you find useful for them. You have the freedom to discuss things you want.


No doubt, Blogging has come out as a great full-time career alternative, and there is more possibility of earning from blogs than your salary.

You need to learn the techniques and tactics of writing Professional Blogs and can become a professional Blogger in any of your preferable niches.

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How to make Facebook LIVE a powerful marketing tool?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The phase of content has been spinning from texts to infographics & videos to real-time streaming for attaining user’s engagement. Brands are continuously making efforts to engage their target audience more swiftly and effectively. And to reach their market goal, most brands are counting on Facebook Live feature for the sake of their marketing strategy.

But, does this content indeed help in marketing your brand? Though the instant content is turning Snapchat, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories to become significant players in targeting their core audiences.

Still uncertain to believe in this specific Facebook marketing tool- it’s obvious!

But, plenty of perks comes up with instant content marketing strategy, which proves to be highly beneficial in endorsing your brand in the online market.

Further revealing some fantastic benefits of Facebook Live for your business, why don’t invest a few seconds in understanding the concept of Facebook Live, so let’s take an introduction to Facebook Live:

 Introduction to Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a real-time video sharing feature introduced by the platform as one more element to Facebook marketing. It offers the users with the fantastic aspect of the live-streaming video. With merely tapping over the live stream icon, you’re able to broadcast live video straight from your smartphone, and even insert the description for your story. All of your followers can tune in to your video.  To end up your video, tap ‘finish’ and it will be completed at that point to be available on your timeline.  You can create your Facebook Live video for upto 30 minutes of duration and can block any specific follower if you want.

Just imagine how amazing to share the Live experience with your followers, and getting responses from their end, making your Facebook Marketing efforts worthwhile.

Still not convinced, no worries! Here is the list of some legal benefits that depicts the power of Live videos for business marketing, let’s go through them:

Benefits of Facebook Live for businesses

  1. Offer Unique Content to your Audience

The biggest thing happens to social media; no doubt is the introduction of active video approach. In 2011, Snapchat came up with the feature of sharing Live video. There onwards, many other social channels and services introducing the benefit of live visual content to their platform, which takes the concept of mobile video to the next level.

And with the most popular social network ‘Facebook’ introduces the Live streaming features, businesses are utilizing it as a Facebook marketing tool to deliver fresh and unique quality content for their audiences.

According to a survey, 81% of total internet user reveals that they prefer to watch more Live video content now than they used to watch priory. Your potential audience is present there, and you need to make the most effective use of social media channels to drive unique content.

With adding Facebook Live strategy to your Facebook marketing plan, you can offer immediate and real-time content experience to your viewers, that’s undoubtedly the best thing. Though companies are still figuring out on how to effectively use Snapchat, Facebook Live give you easy to create original content the time you begin your stream.

To get the most out of your Facebook Live videos, curate the content that your audience is interested in watching. Invest smartly in planning Live content with a call of action, like you plan any other business strategy.

  1. Cost-Efficient Strategy

In regards to social media marketing, businesses are always looking for sort of cost-effective approach. With the emerging trend of video marketing, it becomes difficult to maintain the settled budget to provide attractive and attention seeking content to viewers.

Though, Facebook Live emerged as an alternative to it. Now users more adore the live and unedited access to Facebook Live videos. It limits your expending’s of fancy camera, background designing and even the editing skills. It’s just about capturing the live moments.

All you need to have a smartphone and start posting content to the Facebook feed. Make sure your content does not comprise with quality. It means, with your cost-effective recording, you need to work over the relevancy of the content which your viewers are actively looking.

Though, Facebook Live is not preferable for every sort of video content on your brand page. Try using it for announcing updates for your new products, any company news, highlighting features of pre-launched products etc. to arouse a sense of excitement among people.

  1. Freedom to directly communicate with your target audience

One of the fantastic benefits that come up with Facebook Live feature for brands is the direct approach to their audience. Brands are making use of Facebook Live to conduct an active Question and Answer session, without much investment in it.

Most brands are opting to go Live with Facebook streaming and asking real-time queries related to their product, service or industry. Audiences can answer those questions, and even provide suggestions and advice instantly. Thus, creating an engagement bond between the brand and their audience in real time. Additionally, it gives businesses the opportunity to reply and engage in an effective manner with their audiences.

This sort of connecting session with your audience, help in gaining their trust and loyalty for your brand. Your audience starts believing in your brand and talking about it in their social circle. Thus, your audience becomes your promoter, and Promotion is what the ultimate motto of your business.


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Powerful Tips for YouTube Marketing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So, you started with your business, and are on the journey to make succeed your life’s biggest dream. You might be persuading various sort of result-oriented strategies to market your business. You must be employing the trendiest online marketing tricks to catch people eyes to your brand. And the most popular trick among all online marketing nowadays is the video Marketing, which is becoming the most convenient and effective marketing strategy used by Digital marketers to reach their target audience.

As a startup business owner, you too are taking into action the video marketing strategy for promoting your brand. Spending your time perfecting your video scripts, storyboarding, searching for good talent, shooting and editing your video, and result in a blockbuster brand or product video for your business.

What next!

So, is it enough to just embedding your video on a homepage or just sharing it on social media channels, and expecting it gets views. Are you just okay with this result of all your time and hard work invested?

Though, great content is bound to be found over the internet. It became a crucial task to be proactive about attaining the attention of and informing the prospects about your brand. YouTube ads, is one of its kind great ways to ensure that your target audience receives the video content you have produced for your products.

So, before proceeding further let’s understand why there is a buzz of YouTube video marketing in the digital arena and is it so important.

Importance of YouTube Video Marketing

“Video and Marketing” complement each other similar to peanut butter and jelly”

Whether it be the traditional commercials in the late 1960s to nowadays YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat or Facebook Live, there is no secret that videos were, are, and definitely will be the important constants of our everyday lives.

Although highly efficient and convenient for consumers, video marketing is one of the most preferred advertising technique for marketers to attract, engage and connect with the target audiences.

According to a survey, online video is found to be a 600% more effective marketing tool than those of print and email combined result figures.

Below are a few highlights of video marketing:

  • 75 million users in the U.S. watch online videos on the daily basis
  • By integrating ‘video’ word in an email subject line, increased the click-through rate by 13%
  • Almost 50% video lookout on the mobile device
  • By 2019, 80% of the internet traffic will be accounted for by videos
  • Videos likely having 2 minutes’ duration drives more audience engagement

Although, there is a difference between advertising on YouTube, and running a paid social campaign or PPC campaign. YouTube allow you have to follow certain guidelines and a ton of options to advertise your products and services. Additionally, you required to have a quality knowledge before going ahead out for your next YouTube video project to get the most out of the paid possibilities from this channel.

YouTube Marketing provides you with the ease to monitor your efforts and performances, thus giving you the flexibility to monitor your execution action and get a clear perspective of which strategies best work for you, and which wouldn’t.

This article will help you to discover some powerful YouTube Marketing Strategies to improve your YouTube channel visibility for long-term, let’s take a look over these points:

Top YouTube Marketing Strategies for your Business Channel

Unlock the secret techniques of YouTube Marketing with the below mention powerful strategies and resources to start getting the maximum from your YouTube business channel. Additionally, with updated YouTube algorithms and monitoring capabilities, you can also track your marketing activities and ROI actions.

Let’s take a look at the powerful YouTube Marketing Strategies to advance the visibility and performance of your business channel:

  1. Strategize your Keyword Research

Sometimes, marketers put less preference on fine-tuning for messages which a potential customer is looking in their buying practice. But, when it about YouTube, users are more keen on knowing the products and are performing their preliminary research for the same, and it is more clear from the keywords. Make sure to perform this practice while implementing YouTube Marketing. Below are some useful Keyword Research parameters that one should follow to drive effective result:

  • Consider the keywords which are more prone to be searched by people for your product and services
  • Implement AdWords Display Planner tool while planning keywords for your video description
  • Select the keywords and phrases which matches your product, audience, and your industry.
  • Go for the keywords having around a thousand monthly impact
  • In beginning, it is recommended to spread your YouTube Marketing budget in limited chunks on more probable keywords

Valuable Tip: Make efforts to understand the Google’s logic behind displaying the video results over its SERPs. For example, searching ‘trendy amazon gadgets’ might display result pages having 4 YouTube video links. If you are operating campaign similar to it, try to take ideas related to title, descriptions, and content from these sort of videos.

  1. Attention-seeking Thumbnails

No matter what your niche is, you must be having certain competitors in your industry. And there are certain chances of competing your videos with your competitor’s. What is the probability that the audience will initially click on your videos? Well, Thumbnails will help you in seeking your audience’s attention.

Start working over the thumbnails images that catch a user’s attention and excite them to click over your video. There are certain custom thumbnails available, you can easily upload them by selecting custom thumbnail alternatives during uploading your video. While for your old video having poor thumbnails, opt for video Manager, then click on the Edit option, and choose on custom Thumbnails to implement in your videos.

Below are some guidelines to drive you in the right direction:

  • Consider resolution dimension to be 1280×720. As chances are low-resolution thumbnails are drawn in fewer clicks.
  • Always upload your images in JPG, PNG, BMP, and in GIF formats
  • Retain the size of your image below 2 MB
  • Maintain aspect ratio to be 16:9
  • Keep the text of your content to be bold and colorful to add value to your videos
  1. Take Call-to-action into account

YouTubers very well understand the value of ‘Calls to Action”. You must have seen with every video, YouTubers repeating the same phrase of ‘like & comment over video, and even share the videos’ if you like it.

Make sure what you actually want from your viewer’s side, and accordingly plan a call to the action plan. Generally, there exist 4 major goals that you want to work on to optimize your YouTube video:

  • Getting more subscribers for your channel
  • Engaging viewers to view next videos over your channel
  • Getting comments for your videos
  • Getting Likes & Shares for your videos

Below are some methods which YouTubers can use to integrate call-to-actions in their video content:

Direct Mentioning of Host:  Ask your subscribers to perform an action for your videos. This technique is implemented by most of the influencers and general YouTubers, as it proves to an effective methodology.

Video End Cards:  During the time of your video ending, display a big card along with clickable options, which could redirect the purpose of the subscribe button.


Valuable Content no doubt is the first step in a well driven YouTube Marketing strategy. But besides that, for businesses to upgrade their operation, several other factors are there which need to be experimented to build an impressive impact. All the above mention techniques are result-oriented and time-proven strategies, with implementing them strategically in your marketing activities, you can easily create a powerful presence for your brand.

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Top Email Marketing Tips to Catch B2B Customers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Email is nonetheless the favored medium of communication for entrepreneurs. It is considerably the best and fastest channel of discussion among customers in receiving or sending significant data or advice. There are various sorts of Email Marketing campaigns that assist you in reaching your intended company and turn them in to your own partners.

This article will help You in making a better comprehension of different Email Marketing approaches, but let’s get into what precisely is B2B Marketing?

What is B2B Marketing?

It is quite easy to remember cases of successful B2B marketing campaigns that grabs most focus, recalled the Super Bowl advertising. However, its little hard to presume cases of B2B marketing, making people speak about it, actually question, why so? Additionally, there’s a myth that imagination can’t stand in this enterprise. However, your understanding about it certainly change at the end of the report.

B2B marketing is related to B2B generally, as both goal in creating relations with clients/consumers to construct rewarding connections, but there are a number of differences in regards to Digital Platforms. For B2B, an individual may use business jargon for successful outcome. It is carried with competence and efficacy, and also the purchase method is logical and fair. The need would be for detailed and more than longed content. In B2B advertising, the customers maintain and cope in more space, when the company begins. So, the plans should be planned from the best way to inspire the guide right into a prospect.

Different Ideas for B2B Marketing

Email Marketing is an outstanding method to keep participate your Clients.

Furthermore, besides focusing on immediate earnings, Email Marketing targets client involvement or advertising through direct generation. To achieve lead generation target, 87 percent of B2B marketers employ different Email marketing efforts and earn 40 times greater earnings than social media participation. When it comes to investment, Direct Marketing Association(DMA) said that B2B marketers are getting 40$ yield for each 1$ spent.

Therefore, the questions climb here’s That, the way one can raises the follower engagement for greater earnings, high earnings per customers, and many significant better earnings – As you will simply get the subscriber participation via your content. Furthermore, Trust is an essential element in B2B advertising, as Soon as You gain your clients trust from various Email Marketing approaches, you are able to implement it into your additional strategies, meaning –

  • Lower bounce evaluations
  • Subscriber statistics
  • Leads carried for engagement and further redirects to sales

To engage your customers in B2B through Email moderate, this report covers different kinds of Mail Marketing Plans, which lead to effective approach to attract, convert and engage the customers. Let us take a peek at these essential factors, below mention are some top email marketing campaign categories to gain more traffic and ultimately attaining sales goal of your business:

6 kinds of Mail Marketing Campaigns

  1. Valuable Email Content

Can you hand out your private Details to some stranger? So, how do your clients do it.

Your clients/consumers will just Provide their contact information when they’re sure that the suggestion is helpful for them. So, it turned into your obligation to attain their anticipation and supply them great content. Whatever be your business, share most recent, relevant and helpful information together

It raises your chance of Making healthy and long-lasting relations together, which isn’t necessarily self-promoted. Bank on curated articles, it is possible to send monthly or weekly emails.

  1. Company Information Email

Content regarding the business it’s beneficial for customers to understand. Based on research done by Chadwick Martin Bailey, 26 percent of B2B subscribers sign-up since they would like to learn more about the business.

So whenever we had an information to discuss like award winning, product launches, brand new pricing options, you ought to inform your readers about this. An individual can either inform by composing entire story in the mail or by supplying link that takes contributor to landing page.

3.New Blog or Video Email


If a business writes any new article on its site, they could copy paste it on email or supply link of the post from the email and deliver to its readers and customers. This may be done whenever you find a new post.

If a business is manufacturing some goods that they can make a movie of how their goods are fabricated and send to readers. This is among those significant Email Marketing types that make sure that transparency is preserved. You are able to send these kinds of mails, monthly once to participate with viewers.

  1. Inactive Email

As we have readers who do not Open mails, we ought to keep tabs on these people and need to send mails to them with articles such as,

  • What’s the organization and what exactly does it perform?
  • How it’s best on the market?
  • A connection which gives information concerning you?
  • Invite to begin business together to the development of both?

These static mails could be sent 3 times per year ideally, but number can decrease or increase in line with the business.

  1. Event, campaign and webinar

Email is the instrument where we can Promote any of their company to its viewers, whether it is a promotion effort, Event or a webinar. We can compose an email to our Customers telling them, we will run so and so effort. By this it may acquire new customers.

When business wish to plan an Event that’s time-consuming and costly, email is a terrific way to encourage its customers to their Occasions. By composing a mail concerning the sort of event, place, time and attendees must join the occasion, you increase the chances of converting the customer.

Webinars are greatest areas we could reach customers to showcase our solutions, topics and products that we have knowledge to generate session interactive and profit virtual attendees. We can notify our customers about webinars and provide them the URL to combine webinars via email.

  1. Survey, Case Study and Thank You Emails

Thank you mails could be sent through auto-responder when an action is completed on business site or a deal is finished. Along with thank you, an individual could send links to source page and page. It creates reader or customer appreciated.

Survey mails are hard part That we could perform by google surveys. Selecting paid or free polls up its. But something that the poll shouldn’t be long, the email ought to be clear and short. The poll mails could be sent two or three times per year. It is vital because opinions consistently provide the opportunity for improvisation.

If You’d like your customers to understand What they may benefit from your services or products, case studies are ways. Send case research or offer a link from the email to customer list and include about other customer testimonials, earnings development. They constantly seem real. Target your audience to whom You’re sending emails by location, business, occupation role sensibly


Each of the afforested kinds of Email Marketing campaigns for B2B are quantifiable, cost effective and outcome driven.

From Statistics, Email marketing for B2B has significant value in generating sales prospects, earnings and keeping customers. For sending nicely targeted emails to your B2B customers, you can build customer base and establish a relationship with them.

Engaging with the customers once attained and creating new customers is the chief objective of B2B advertising and you may achieve this quite competently by mastering all of the kinds of Email Marketing efforts shared within this post.

Joining some sort of training would also allow you to become an expert B2B Mail Marketer.

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Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In today’s competitive world, it becomes a huge challenge for online businesses to stay popular. And it became even more difficult with regular changing Google algorithms. And the regular Google Algorithms updates make it even more difficult for business owners. There are multiple businesses who are in search of traffic for their website. If you want high traffic to your site, working hard is the only formula. Because there are various factors which matters for driving traffic to your site. And it is very simple that No Traffic means No Business, and if it is No Business, it means huge losses.

So, it is important to plan some effective strategies to drive Traffic to your site.

This article aims to present some effective key points to drive traffic to your website, so that you can gain most out of your business. Let’s take a look at these key points.

Actionable methods to drive Website Traffic

The most important point that you need to keep in mind to succeed in this is to have a sound knowledge of every factor that helps bring in more traffic to a website. And the actions that can help you further in this regard are discussed below. However, you need to remember that not all the strategies are fast fixes. It may take some time before the results start showing. So, having patience is extremely important as well.

1. Socialise Well

Socializing is one of the excellent ways to get website traffic. Since socializing today is no more restricted to physical presence, connecting with people from all over the world has become easier. You need to make the most of this option. Start posting in the social media websites to draw more attention, which will definitely help with increased traffic. But, simply posting about your business on the media channels won’t help. You need to participate in those on a regular basis to engage more and more people. Check if readers are commenting on the posts you are updating and answer back wherever necessary. Great interaction will win you a huge traffic and thereby a large base of loyal customers. Few tips to follow while posting on the social media channels:

  • Understand that not all social media platforms are the same. Recognise your needs and engage with people over the right platform. For example, if you are in food business or arts and crafts, Pinterest will be your best bet.
  • If you have presence in more than one social media platform, make sure that the regular posts are not copy pasted content, broadcasting about your business/products/services.
  • Avoid overdoing it. It is commonly known, and holds true too, that nothing in excess is good.

2. Content still remains the King

Content is the most important aspect of any website. However, it does not mean that you need to simply have a blog full of plain articles. Content marketing is a great way to get Website Traffic and there are more than one ways to do that. Innovation is the trick. How to get traffic on website using content? Add fresh and relevant content in your site from time to time. And rather than submitting simple and informative content over and over again, think of some offbeat ways to pique the interest of the readers.

Infographics, videos, interviews and blogging in other sites are few of the unusual ways to do content marketing. Besides developing the right content, you need to build the right content strategy as well. Few other things that you need to keep in mind to get the ball rolling are:

  • Content should be of varying length
  • Content formats need to be different
  • Content should have an appealing headline
  • Add data to make your content more plausible
  • Add videos and images to make content less boring
  • Add meta descriptions before publishing a content online to improve visibility on search engines

And last but not the least make sure that you stir up some original content, which is not already there on the web.

3. Keyword Tactics

Content marketing and keywords walk hand in hand. Power the substance with phrases that people usually search with. This will help you in hitching the first few spots in the search list of the topmost search engines. Getting at the top of the list helps improve traffic flow to your site. But, can the keywords help you reach the top? Simply stuffing the keywords in your content is not enough. You need to make smart use of those important phrases. Some keyword tricks to remember:

  • Keywords are equally proportional to what your customers want. So, try your best to know what they want.
  • Longtail keywords are popular now. Start using long keywords that run into almost half of a sentence.
  • Avoid over stuffing keywords in the content. Google will blacklist your article/site, which would result in minimized site view and thus less or no traffic inflow.

4. The Link Story

Link building is yet another factor that is linked to both content marketing and keyword usage. Link building can be done in various ways. You can make guest posts in few websites that have high DA and add a link to your site. This is known as backlinks. Usually guest posts come for free. You can also get paid backlinks, in which a paid article with a link to your site is posted in other sites, in lieu of money. Another option is to create internal links, where one page is linked with the other. This is a great tactic to increase on-site time, traffic and conversion rate. Some tips to remember in link building:

  • Analyse competitor backlinks
  • Try listing your site in link directories
  • Build good relationships with others in your niche
  • Stay informed on the changes in the search engine optimization or SEO techniques and thus link building as well
  • Go for white hat link building because it is the necessity of the day

5. Build a responsive site

Having a highly responsive site is extremely important to get Website Traffic. Nowadays, a greater part of the population is reportedly using Smartphones. So, your site should be designed in such a way that it works well on all kinds of devices, be it a mobile, tablet or PC. For example, if it is a fashion app, such as Myntra, the buttons, icons and images should adjust based on the device on which it is opened. Similarly, if it is a coupon site like that of Happy Sale, you need to determine which features should be more visible to make it easier for an user to find a deal.

In addition to this, it will also have to be an easy to understand platform, where a visitor can easily move around from one page to the other. Finding clickable items should be easy for a reader. So, what are the things you need to keep in mind with respect to a responsive website design?

  • Run a survey to know more about user experience
  • If required take help of professionals who are expert in web designing
  • Keep in mind the color play so that it does not look over the top and yet not drab
  • If you want to know how to get traffic to a new website then this one would be the most useful technique for you
  • Analyse other websites both in your niche and out of your niche
  • Keep the commenting option open so that you can receive feedbacks and improve user experience likewise
  • Intuitive web pages will attract more visitors
  • Keep things simple and yet different


So, here’s how you can improve traffic coming in to your site.

These are some of the full-proof ways that can help you to get traffic to your website free. And as mentioned before, you may not see any improvement instantly for most of the actions taken.

But, you must be knowing that Rome was not built in a day.

Therefore, you will also be start seeing positive results if you continue incorporating foretasted techniques to get website traffic.

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Everything You need to Know about Influencer Marketing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]One of biggest buzz in marketing world these days is the emerging importance of Influencer Marketing. This marketing technique is becoming the preferred choice for marketers to reach their target audience in further effective, affordable and authentic way. The growing trend of this marketing has even seized some big brands such as, Walmart, Coca-Cola, Colgate, Microsoft, Subway, Disney, etc. in its grab.

Before taking this article further, let’s get to know what it exactly means to develop a better understanding of the concept.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Let’s wind up to late 90s or early 2000s. Remembered, those advertisements of energy drinks starring famous cricketers, cosmetic products featuring actresses or household products advertise by pretty models. The celebrity advertisement trend is even carried out today. But do you ever wonder, why brands deal with celebrities for advertising their products? Well, the answer is very simple, to attract more eyeballs to their products, as most of the celebrity fan would be influence by the product which their favorite celebrity is using. And gaining more popularity to the brand will be directly proportional to the sales and business growth.

But, as it is about celebrity, so of course their endorsement fee is sky high, and not every brand can afford it. Further, the influence of these celebrities have dropped down nowadays, as people are smart enough to know the thing that celebrity endorsing the product has no experience about it. It is how ‘Influencer Marketing’ comes in existence.

It is an online marketing technique where products of any brand are endorsed by an expert or influencers of that niche over various internet channels. There is a huge followers list of these influencers who absorb the information provided by them with sheer trust and belief. Though, the influencers aren’t celebrity, they are common people who initiate giving valuable information to people in various field and attain popularity. Influencer have marked their presence in every niche, such as food bloggers, fashion bloggers, travel enthusiasts, digital marketers, etc.

It is a kind of marketing where products are endorsed by influencers or experts in the niche of the product over various channels of the internet. These influencers have their loyal followers who consume the information provided by influencers with utmost trust and belief. These influencers aren’t stars, they are people like us who started giving useful information to viewers and gained the popularity. Some of the examples of influencers are; food bloggers, travel enthusiasts, fashion bloggers, digital marketers etc.

Why Influencer Marketing is a big deal

No doubt, it is emerging as one of the most effective marketing technique these days. You might be thinking about is this marketing technique actually so powerful, is there any proof to believe it? Well, here is, the below mention statistics figure:

  • 94% of marketer who used this effective marketing technique find it more profitable
  • 59% of marketer ramp up their influencer marketing budget
  • 67% of marketing professional engage with influencers for promoting their content
  • This Marketing result in 11X higher ROI than other marketing method
  • 74% of customer’s buying decisions are influenced by Social networks
  • 71% of marketers admitted that ongoing ambassadorships are effective form of influencer marketing
  • Influencers with 10k-100k followers base offer best engagement and wide audience reach

Why Influencer Marketing Is Important to your business strategy

As 30% of customers are likely to purchase products endorsed by non-celebrity blogger, thus it makes sense to invest in this effective marketing. It can act as tool for creating brand awareness among your customers.

Consumers are now turning to influencers than ever before in getting informed about a product performance, to know whether it is worth investing in it. Having an influencer’s engagement help in creating awareness about products which result in increasing revenue as a lot of your potential rely on these reviews to make their buying decision.


It is becoming the most effective marketing technique for brands. It helps in upgrading growth of business with the action of attracting, engaging, converting and promoting customers and meeting sales target for your business.

You can start you career as an Influencer Marketer with having good enough experience in any specific domain. It can be achieved with having proficient experience in marketing domain. You can gain exposure by enrolling in any specific training in the domain.

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